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Every pet owner is looking for a brand that they feel that they can trust when they go out searching for pet food, and Beneful is one brand that many feel is just that. They know that the brand will meet all of their pet’s needs, and they know that their pet will be at his healthiest when he is eating the food from this brand. People see what kind of ingredients are put into the food products that Beneful produces, and they are impressed. Beneful seems to truly care about the health of pets, and that is something that draws many in. Beneful has made sure to let everyone know what the company is all about through the years, and one of the ways that the company has shown that it cares is through the ads that it has put on TV. The ads on Petco created by this brand are super sweet, and many people have come to trust the brand just through seeing the happy dogs that it features on its ads. One of their recent ads features a variety of dogs all helping each other to run a Rube Goldberg machine, and it is the kind of ad that really draws the viewer in. Beneful has succeeded for many reasons, but the main reason behind all of the success that the company has had is the good, quality ingredients that it is determined to always put into its products. It is a brand that knows how important it is to do good things for the pets that it is serving, and it is a brand that will never let people down in that. When pet owners are on the search for a good brand of pet food, and when they see all that this brand is doing, then they know that they have found just what they were looking for.