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Business and home owners are often faced with this posing question: What company is going to provide electrical services for us? They needn’t worry because Agera Energy is the best of many power companies in the U.S. As a power supply company, Aega Energy is the elite choice and has been servicing the community for over 4 years. No business is too big or too small. They serve everyone– from small business owners and a residential communities to major corporations.

What makes the Agera Energy so unique is that they have a plethora of services that other companies just don’t have. They offer a bundle of services. You can combine your utilities of electric and gas to fit one low monthly bill. Agera Energy guarantees to tailor services to give you the best electricity services and gas services without breaking bank.

At Agera Energy, the customer’s needs come first. Along with excellent quality service. And did I fail to mention that Aega Energy company has a A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau? You don’t have to take my word for it; Aegra Energy Company has a number of wowing reviews about their services. One customer stated, “When those pennies turn to thousands of dollars, it really makes a difference.”

So the next time you want a company to provide you with grade-A energy services, go with Agera Energy. Or if you ever get tired of your current energy supplier, choose Agera Energy. Have some energy; it’s on us.


When someone like George Soros starts selling off his shares of energy stocks, people everywhere take notice. According to information on the online publication, “The Street”, Soros is either a visionary or making a huge mistake. Only time will tell the truth, but Soros is no fool, he is canny, intelligent, and oh yes, he is a billionaire! Making important and smart decisions has netted Soros a financial fortune that he is constantly adding on to.

George Soros was not born with the proverbial silver spoon in his mouth. He was born in Budapest in 1930 and survived the Hitler regime in Hungary as a small child. As a teenager, Soros, at the tender age of 17, escaped to England and became a student of the London School of Economics. ( After Soros graduated, he left England and headed for the United States. Soros went to work for several different companies that were in the investment and management industries.

Soros established his own business in 1973, the Soros Fund Management, that later became known as the Quantum Fund. His knowledge about money management and keen sense of the deal led him to become one of the richest men in the world.

Wanting to help his fellow man, George Soros started issuing scholarships to the less fortunate in 1979. He called this organization, The Open Society Foundation. His first scholarship release was to help black South Africans who were being discriminated against. The mission of The Open Society Foundation is to build from the ground up a democracy that holds the government accountable and responsible for its people. George Soros believes in this process and stands firm on his beliefs.

Soros turned over the day-to-day reins to the Quantum Fund to his trusted management people back in the 1980’s. His decision to do this was based on his wanting to help people and he became a full time philanthropist. Soros also became active on the political scene and started writing. (

George Soros’ inclination to help others has led him to become an author and lecturer. He has become a champion to many and lectures on how the United States tries to assist people from everywhere by fighting for their rights and liberties to have the freedoms to have an education, choices on political views, and religion.

Soros officially retired in 2000, but remains active writing articles for several well known newspapers and magazine companies. He feels that he was blessed and continues to want to help others with his generous nature by continuing to be a major fighter for human rights and democracy for everyone. Soros is also still active on the political front.

So, is this what retirement means?