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In the 21st century, dating has evolved beyond just the people we know in our local circle of friends. The internet has made it possible for people all over the world to meet and greet each other in ways never thought possible. Greg Blatt is an individual who has been pioneering the dating Apps´ industry, he has held high ranking positions at both Match Group and Tinder, where his presence has forever shaped the direction of these applications. In a recent Ideamensch interview, Greg Blatt the approach he took to this modern day industry.

The journey of Blatt from an ordinary individual to the CEO of a global phenomenon was very unusual. He dabbled in various industries such as odd jobs, entertainment, and even studying law at one point. At some point he secured Martha Stewart as a client. This would give him the experience and push he needed to fully commit to this career. He was surprised by how each step naturally lead to the next, but it resulted in Greg Blatt as CEO of Match Group for three years. Over the years, he learned the key to seeing his ideas realized is having the right team and the authority to make it happen. It was late in his career when he realized just how much weight his position could carry.

A typical day for Greg is intensive and fast paced. He spends a portion of the time having face time with clients. It is during these kind of interactions when ideas can truly surface to the table. In addition, he ensures that every single minute is spent on the moment productive task at any given moment (LinkedIn).

The wave of video technology has become his focus for new advancements. He sees real potential in being to have a face-to-face conversation with someone across the world. Greg Blatt‘s career is the result of knowing the right people at the right time. He rose through the ranks to become a high raking CEO in a modern day company. His story is a classic example of never giving up.

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The music industry is filled with many challenges that are overwhelming when handling live shows that seek to reflect the artist’s image as well as their songs particularly when trying to attract their audiences. This is based on how involving some of the shows are since numerous factors can affect their success. For one Clay Hutson who is an excellent sound engineer, overcoming the challenges in order to deliver exceptional results in live shows has transitioned into a personal decision coupled with a primary objective to help musicians to succeed in their careers. Hutson is one of the most successful producers with particular attention to details. From a tender age, he aspired to work in the music industry. He is now transforming his dream into reality by working with some of the world’s best singers including Kelly Clarkson, Pink, as well as Guns N’Roses.

Clay Hutson is a successful entrepreneur with a major passion in the music industry. In an article by IdeaMensch, he says that he founded a company to provide serviced to event organizers as well as musicians. Hutson who is also a live sound engineer and stage manager was born in Nashville. He attended Central Michigan University. He studied theater design before working for various companies that provided production services for artists and entertainers. Launching the company after the 2008 economic downturn, Mr. Hutson dealt with the production of a broad array of services including managing artists, road shows. Tours, and live performances. His finances were a bit strained but, that didn’t deter his success since his career was defined by persistence and determination.

Clay Hutson also specializes in stage management. He is a production designer, and an event producer. From his client’s experiences and reviews, Clay Hutson has successfully helped them build their careers by providing appropriate stage management and presentation services. His holistic approach toward tour management has contributed to his success as a producer majoring in monitor engineering. Besides, his company offers affordable services with a touch of high quality and customization. Hutson is a problem solver with a unique acumen for enabling artists to gain more views from their fans.

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart formed the Chainsmokers in 2012, and by 2015, the Chainsmokers had already become a household name, but just how were they able to achieve such widespread fame and acclaim so quickly? Mathias Rosenzweig met up with Alex Pall to discuss how the Chainsmokers first came to be and what lies ahead for them. The two first met in the big apple while Taggart was in college. Pall’s manager first introduced the two and they instantly knew they would work well together. Andrew dropped out to work with Pall on music full time and within just a few years, they had already dropped their first hit single, Selfie. Not long after, they released a whole string of hit singles and, before they knew what was happening, they had achieved widespread fame and critical acclaim.

He also talked about how important it is for him to provide the vocals on his tracks since they pertain to him and his life. Most DJs don’t do that but Pall said he makes no apologies for it. When discussing Halsey, he praised her unique sense of individuality and her strong voice. Those are the kinds of artists they wish to work with in the future. While their audience used to be mostly college students, nowadays all kinds of people enjoy their music. He mentioned that the duo didn’t just expect their fame to become so pervasive as Pall noted how grateful they are for all of their fans and devotees.

He then went on to discuss the ways in which their live shows have changed over the years as things continue to evolve in the music scene. Unlike some other artists, they do not lip sync during their concerts and this remains a point of pride for them. And they have assured the public and their fans that they don’t plan on taking a hiatus. Some artists do but it’s never the same when they return. So they intend to keep making music for as long as possible. We hope they will continue to find future success in their careers.