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Some people seem to be lucky in life, particularly when it comes to predicting what the markets are going to do. Shervin Pishevar is one of those people. He’s a venture capitalist and has had success because of investing early on many tech companies.

He broke his Twitter silence during the first week of February with some market predictions.

Shervin Pishevar knew he was going to go on a tweet storm. He numbered all of his tweets to make it easier for everyone to follow what he was talking about.

The very first tweet provides the greatest prediction: The market will drop 6000 points in aggregate over the next few months. That poses a problem for investors. It means that not only will 2018 gains be lost but also dig into the 2017 gains.

What are people doing about it?


Well, it seems as though quite a few people follow Shervin Pishevar. He has over 90,000 followers on Twitter and some of these are blogs who have decided to share his message. As though he predicted the future, the market already showed signs of instability the very next day. Further, 500 points were lost within the hour.

Trump once said that if the market falls by 1,000 points in a single day, they should be booted out. Shervin Pishevar decided to launch the hashtag #dumptrump in response to that.

It seems as though the predictions of Shervin Pishevar are coming true. Investors have no where to hide because indices, bonds, and more are overvalued and losing points. Even bitcoin is crashing down, though Shervin estimates that it will do so for a while and then stabilize and grow stronger after a while.

While Shervin Pishevar can’t predict the future, he is good at reading trends. It seems as though he may be on to something with the way the market is currently looking.

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Our environment is the most essential part of our lives. Every individual has a mandate to preserve our environment. Full cycle energy fund was established in 2013 with a purpose of financing projects that revolutionize the human relationship with solid waste and the climate issues and the need to generate low carbon energy. Full Cycle Energy operated in partnership with Synova Power. The two organizations majorly dealt with gasification technology that converts multiple waste into clean energy that helps in the reduction of greenhouses gases while creating an inducive environment. The mission of the organization is to invest in new as well as retrofit tradition electricity generation plants that are environmentally friendly.

Sam Tabar is the Chief Operating Officer of Full Cycle Energy. Before being elected to the position of the Chief Operation Officer, Sam was the head of Capital Strategy for Merrill Lynch (Bank of America). In the banking institution he was responsible for providing fund managers with investments including pension, endowments, family offices, funds to funds as well as foundations. He has also served as a co-assistance of marketing for Sparx Group which is the largest in dependent Funding institution in the Pacific Asia. He was responsible for managing all the faces of the international markets.

Sam Tabar apart from serving in the financial investment industry he is an Attorney by profession and he is licensed to practice law in New York. He is a graduate from the Oxford University where he graduated with MA and BA in law in 2000. He wanted to be deeply involved in the judiciary department something that led him to further his studies and studied LLM from Columbia School of Law. He has worked in one of the famous law firms Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP in the position of a Senior Associate.

In 2004 Sam Tabar was honored to be given the opportunity to serve as a hedge fund manager. He is known to be a go-getter and he climbed the leader to the position of a Managing Director and the co-head of business development. His dedication and devotion has seen him handle most of the high profile contacts in the world. Working in different nations has helped him learn different languages as well as interact with different cultures.

Chris Burch shares with others his experiences and mindset to become a successful entrepreneur and investor. His journey is beautifully told in a YouTube video, The Story Behind Creative Capital. At the tender age of 13 his father began teaching him work ethnics by helping to find employment at a construction company. He reflects of life experiences of the past, in which his mother and father had the most influence. While Burch was working at such an early age, he created a path to success and is now helping others to create their road to discover financial accomplishments.


The work ethnics Burch’s father taught stayed with him throughout his childhood and he shares those life lessons to the world. After working construction, he sold hotdogs at football games and sweaters while attending college. Chris said he looked back to when things were simple. Although he was academically challenged during his school days, he relied on his creativity abilities. Burch consistently concentrated on how to make money and started Eagles Eye Apparel while attending Itchica College.


Chris Burch’s involvement and expertise in the fashion industry began in 1976 and since then, has extended to the real estate and technology industries. After the sale of Eagles Eye, he founded Burch Creative Capital to help investors emotionally and financially when the markets are troubled. The firm manages a broad investment portfolio comprising of BaubleBar, Blink Healthy, Nihiwatu, Poppin, and 35 other companies. According to MarketWired, the investment firm released its first quarter activity report revealing the growth and expansion of BaubleBar, Blink Healthy, and Nihiwatu.


Burch successfully raised $20 million in additional funding for fashion jewelry company, BaubleBar to invest in technology. The report also showed Blink Healthy introduced their free mobile application and website to provide consumers with affordable generic prescription drugs online. Nihiwatu, an extravagant resort overlooking the Indian Ocean and private beach, was acquired by Creative Capital in 2012. The retreat hotel made the 2016 World’s Best Hotels Gold List and is named 2015 Destination Resort of the Year.


Chris ( believes reflections of his childhood contributed to his success as an entrepreneur and investor. It was his ability to create new ideas and sense of humility to discover remarkable success. Chris concluded the YouTube video by saying, “Life is about the moment and helping people get to where they want to go.”