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Just recently, the Reno City Council accepted the Clean Power Plan through voting. This is an important start for the country to get away from the dirty coal power and get on its on way to clean, renewable and efficient energy. The council will join other forces in the private sector to support the great move.The actions should be respected and applauded.
The times have changed over the years. A modern growing economy here, providing opportunities for everyone. Great deals of progress have actually been made in getting a clean energy economy. The people who are leading the campaign are putting pressure to the leaders to make the changes. Clean energy is essential for country, and should be attained now, not in the future.
Currently, it is the time that we demand more from the people who are elected. People need more than compliance from the leaders. Every citizen requires actual leadership from the leaders. It is actually very possible to make the region an example that clean energy economy can be achieved.
The topic about clean energy economy is actually political. In this regions case, it is about the reality of the bad quality air we breathe, the rising forest fires and the drought experienced. Now the citizens have a chance to help ushering in the clean energy sourcing, and at the same time, bring in the world’s top leading companies such as Microsoft and tesla. The companies will help in a lot of positive changes in the country’s economy. They will offer jobs, improving the lives f people. The companies actually believe that clean energy is the only way to a bright future.
This was an op-ed that was published through the Reno Gazette-Journal by Andy With. Check more information here.
Andy Wirth is a major contributor to the environmental and community institutions that serve in the Lake Tahoe area. He is mostly focused in providing the area with improved facilities for people of all ages. After a serious skydiving accident, he started a team known as the wounded warrior support. The team has been raising funds for the Navy SEAL Foundation since it was started. Currently, he is the President and the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings.