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Many businesses need uplifting when things do not turn up well. The only way to support an enterprise is by offering a loan. Credits help generate investment ideas in the young generation. In the year 2002, Al Christy Jr started a company that provides the loan to individuals and businesses. He launched the company in Australia.

Starting Equities First Holdings called for an effort, and until now the group expands to other countries such as the United Kingdom, China, and the United States. The expertise of the workers is growing with honesty and intelligence. Equities First Holdings offers margin loan to shareholders.

Besides giving out the loan, the firm offers advice on tough issues concerning the financial matters. The company educate other businesses and individual on how to handle their creditors and help them settle their debts. Equities First Holdings is working tremendously for the last more than fourteen years. Our systems are modern to accommodate all kind of customers.

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One key factor that has put away borrowers from traditional lenders is high-interest rates. However, with stock-based loans, investors are getting it easier by just paying 3 to 4% fixed interest within three years at Equities First. The financial instability is brought about by the economic crisis, which commenced with the US housing sector. By September 2008, average prices for US housing had gone down by more than 20% from 2006 when the prices were at their peak. As costs went down, borrowers with changeable mortgages could not manage to refinance their loans- to avoid the greater payment attached with rising interest rates. Instead, many started to default. In 2007, lenders commenced dealing with foreclosure procedures on approximately 1.3 million properties, which was a 79% addition as compared to 2006.

That went up to 2.3 million in the year 2008, which was an addition of 81% compared when to 2007. By 2008 August, 9.2% of the entire US active mortgages were either in foreclosure or delinquent with the mark having risen to 14.4% by September 2009. The sector influenced and facilitated the great recession, and to date, banks and other conventional lending institutions have tightened their lending rules. Small ventures and new investors are finding it hard to borrow loans, and acquiring working capital for SMEs is still a problem. Today, small businesses and individual potential investors have proven Equities First Holdings to be a dependable source of financing. Borrowers can secure fast and emergency loans at small fees.

The lower interest rates in US mortgage encouraged borrowing, which saw the Federal Reserve lowering the proportions target mark funds from 6.5% – 1.0% from 2000 and 2003 respectively. That was conducted to soften the dot-com bubble effects influence of terrorists’ attack in September 2001 and combat the perceived risks of deflation. To date, stock-based loans from Equities First are offering a better option for traditional loaning companies.