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Mountain bike riding both as a sport and avocation is rising rapidly in popularity in the United States. Enthusiast Michael Hagele explains that beginners need not be intimidated when introduced to mountain biking and can if possessing a positive attitude and the right equipment, master the basics in just a few outings. Hagele goes on to explain that once the basics are mastered riders can go on to progress to higher levels of mountain bike riding at their own pace.

Michael Hagele advises that metro areas in the country now like Atlanta and Chicago have parks dedicated to mountain biking that come with groomed paths for training that are graded by degree of difficulty. These tracks are the perfect training platforms for novice mountain bike riders that are just familiarizing themselves with the process of changing gears and navigating obstacles. Beginning riders will also benefit from sharing the track with more experienced mountain bike riders from whom they can watch and learn. Learn more at about Michael.

Hagele says that it is important for new mountain bike riders to use quality equipment regardless of whether it is purchased, rented, or borrowed. Mountain bikes typically have much sturdier frames than do bikes designed for road usage and are also outfitted with wider tires that are kept at lowered air pressures. It is also noted that mountain bikes possess twice the number gears as road bikes.

Michael Hagele also stresses the importance of carefully selecting equipment and attire to be used wild mountain bike riding. First of all, a well-fitting is a must to enjoy the sport. Next, Hagele suggests a pair of athletic shoes that are flat and ‘clipless.’ The next order of business says Hagele is to don comfortable clothes that are lightweight and ‘breathe.’

It is also important to prepare a large bottle of water or some other hydrating fluid that can be kept in the designated bracket that is located in the center of the bike’s frame.

Optional equipment noted by Michael Hagele includes super grip gloves, fanny or backpacks, and for longer rides in backcountry areas, riders might opt to pack a map of the trail, spare tire tubes, patches, and an energy bar or two. Visit:


Sujit Choudhry is by far one of the most experienced and knowledgeable individuals on comparative constitutional law. His reputation stems from his role as the director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions. The organization mobilizes and generates knowledge in a bid to support constitution building. Recently, Lynn Fosse, the senior editor of CEOCFO Magazine, interviewed Sujit Choudhry whereby he revealed more details about his life and involvement with the Center for Constitutional Transitions.

During the interview, Sujit asserted that he founded the Center for Constitutional Transitions in a bid deal with the lack of adequate updated research, which affects the efficacy of constitutional advice. Sujit revealed that he is an immigrant with several law degrees from three nations. As someone who has explored both political and legal environments for a large part of his life, he has a successful career. Sujit also acknowledged his parents for emphasizing on higher education.

According to Sujit, it is important to be a good listener and responsive to all individuals on the ground, especially when working in a foreign area with people of distinct cultures. Doing so allows one to see things from the people on the ground’s point of view.

An In-depth Focus on Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry is a globally acknowledged authority on both politics and comparative constitutional law. Aside from being a professor of law at the popular University of California’s Berkeley (school of law), he integrates an in-depth field of experience as an advisor to constitutional building processes with an extensive research agenda. Sujit has participated in constitution building in numerous countries like Ukraine, Tunisia, South Africa, Nepal, Jordan, Libya and Egypt. He holds multiple law degrees from Harvard University, Toronto and Oxford.  With reference from

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Sujit’s research addresses a wide array of issues in both politics and comparative constitutional law such as federalism, semi- presidentialism, bill of rights and constitutional courts among many others. Sujit’ s level of experience and knowledge on constitutional matters have allowed him to publish more than ninety reports, working papers, articles and book chapters.  Read his recent work on  Some of his books include Constitution Making (Edward Elgar, 2016) and The Migration of Constitutional Ideas (Cambridge, 2006).  Related article on

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