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Duda Melzer is a Brazilian entrepreneur who’s not only well respected in his home country, but in the US as well. He is the CEO and Chairman of the board of directors at RBS Group, the third largest media company in Brazil. Duda is the third generation of leaders within his company. He also started e.Bricks, which is a venture capital company dedicated to digital media. The company has invested 300 million in companies that have great potential to be successful.

Duda Melzer’s success is the result of much hard work and dedication. He attended college in Brazil receiving a bachelor’s degree in business administration. He continued his education to include the prestigious MBA from Harvard University. Duda worked in the US as a financial adviser and also for a media company as a director. His leadership was also present in his family business, as he represented the US sector helping to further their agenda.

Duda’s efforts have paid off immensely. He’s won many awards and has received tons of recognition over the years. Awards for management, communications, and entrepreneurial leadership are just a few. He’s also been recognized by several organizations for his entrepreneurial skills in family business. Duda believes that family is one of the strongest reasons his businesses have been so successful.

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer also believes in corporate social responsibility and sustainability. His family has been involved in charity work and raising social awareness of family issues affecting children and teens for over 35 years. They take it a step further by staying in touch with the government and private sector to spread their message to increase its effectiveness. As per Clicrbs, the company is rather transparent in its communications regarding their corporate involvement and make reports readily available to the general public. They also show the projects their charity has been working on over the years. Duda Melzer is certainly a rising star in business and organizations are right in stating he’s certainly an executive to look out for.

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