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Sanjay Shah is an individual who is considered to be many things including a businessman, an investment expert, a philanthropist, as well as a family man who has based all of his important decisions on the importance of providing for his family that he cares for the most. Sanjay Shah Denmark, as an investment expert is the proud founder as well as CEO of Solo Capital, a boutique investment firm that is dedicated to providing the best results upon each investment to the customer. As an investment expert, Mr. Shah is always looking ahead to the future of investments and is always looking for new ways to help customer have the highest rate of return with the lowest risk from the investment.


Sanjay Shah founded Solo Capital with his family in mind after he lost his job from the 2008 stock market crash. Like millions of other individuals, Mr. Shah was left unemployed. However, as a result of his situation, Mr. Shah decided to take action of his skill set and start his own business. AS a result, Mr. Shah started Solo Capital. This investment firm is particularly dedicated to offering the best options possible to businesses that are small and medium in size. This was a business decision that was made to make sure that his investment firm formed a partnership with the clients. Mr. Shah wants to have people once again trust financial firms with future investments.


As a father, Mr. Shah has been dedicated to his son even since his young son was diagnosed with autism in 2011. Though autism is a common diagnosis, it is a development disorder that has not been thoroughly researched. With a diagnosed son, Mr. Shah wanted to learn more about autism and how his son processes information. Autism is a development disorder that affects how individuals communicate and also typically has a negative impact on the overall handling of social situations.


The diagnosis of his son with autism influenced Mr. Shah to create a foundation that is known as Autism Rocks. This foundation was created to spread information to the public about how common autism is and to raise donations to further the research of the development disorder. The foundation is based in London and has some of the world’s most popular performers perform on behalf of Autism Rocks. Each performer continuously encourages donations to help this worthy and noble cause to help children and to help parents.