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Bruce Levenson has built a spectacular company in United Communications Group (UCG) and in addition has led the startup of several subsidiaries under it. He purchased the NBA’s Atlanta Hawks in 2004 and sold them to Tony Ressler and Company in 2015, reveals Upon the sale of the team there was a conflict with former General Manager Danny Ferry that had led Levenson and the current ownership group to file a claim with their insurance company, AIG. AIG seems to have rejected the claim and now all parties are trying to settle the matter in court. But Levenson certainly doesn’t have to worry about the great profit he gained in the sale of the team.

Bruce Levenson is a Washington D.C. native and the son of two Jewish parents. He received his higher education at Washington University and completed a J.D. at American University. He decided to pursue a career in journalism and began by reporting for the Washington Star newspaper, but he soon decided he wanted to run his own publishing business so he started a newsletter publishing business right in his own apartment. That business grew into the major media operation, UCG and later the company TechTarget spun out from under UCG. Levenson also joined the board of BIA Digital Partners, a private equity firm in D.C.

Bruce Levenson has made philanthropy ( a major part of his work, and as a basketball owner and enthusiast he was pleased to help launch Hoop Dreams, a youth basketball tournament whose proceeds went to inner city scholarship funds. He also has been a longtime donor to the Holocaust Memorial Museum, and in the spring of 2014 he took the Atlanta Hawks entire team and coaching staff to the museum to hear his mother-in-law’s story of survival. He was the Chairman of the Concert Against Hate event in 2015.


Brazil is the fifth biggest net buyer and ranks at number nine on the list of world economies by size. It is the largest country by size. Recently, Brazil has been in the headlines for sports including hosting the FIFA World Cup in 2014. They later hosted the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro in 2016.

Big things are synonymous with Brazil having a massive infrastructure and a developing market-based economy. Banking and investment opportunities are also big. Giving finance and investment advice in his native country gives Igor Cornelsen great pleasure.

An experienced and retired banker, Igor Cornelsen has gained knowledge and skills that are essential for new investors in the Brazilian economy. There are also a few things to know about the financial sector in Brazil.

First, in such a big country, mainstream banks are less than ten with Citi being at the top. These have strong positions and very competitive products on Facebook.

Secondly, the financial industry in Brazil is ready for long overdue economic policy reforms.

The current administration is poised to deliver that like the recently appointed Finance Minister Joaquin Levy, is considered economy friendly and with a better understanding of the dynamics of the world’s ninth largest economy on Tumblr.

Thirdly, China is a household name in Brazil as well as its largest trading partner. It’s important to understand the interactions properly at Lastly, it is highly believed that the currency is over-valued. In addition, there is foreign currency handling restrictions that are considered a tad bit tight so be ready.

As an investment banker, Igor Cornelsen is passionate about sharing his experiences in the local market. Igor Cornelsen is also a writer with a blog about investing in Brazil here. Some of his popular tips are shared here. First, make networking your number one priority if you hope to maximize your investment in Brazil. Fortunately, as an entrepreneur, you are in great company because up to a quarter of the population is made up of budding entrepreneurs. Secondly, find a way to work with the system and make it work for you. There is no end to the amount of red tape you can run into if you are not careful so be diligent and do your part.

Gold is one of the safest investments that investors can use to balance their portfolio on Over time, gold is a great hedge against inflation and economic uncertainty. A lot of people are worried about the current economic environment. With the price of oil hitting record lows, many companies want to reduce expenses and increase profits. Often times, this comes at the expense of workers. There are a lot of people who want safe investments to park their money. The great thing about gold is that it goes down when economic uncertainty is high. Over the long term, this is a great way to protect yourself from bad economic data.

Working With The Midas Touch

Investing in gold is a complicated subject that few people truly understand. Over the past few years, a lot of people have come out in support of investing in gold due to the policies of the Federal Reserve. With interest rates at record lows, there are a lot of people who will be looking for ways to earn a higher return. Low interest rates are great for people who borrow a lot of money in The Midas Legacy. However, when it comes to people who save and invest, low interest rates are not a good thing. Working with The Midas Legacy will allow you to understand how to invest in gold for your benefit. A lot of people do not realize all of the benefits of investing in gold. Working with an expert in your field is a great way to hedge yourself against economic uncertainty. Over time, there are a lot of people who have been able to earn a high return working with us.

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How to Invest in Gold

There are a variety of ways to invest in gold. Not only can you buy physical gold, but you can also buy stock of gold related companies. This is a great way to take the next step in your investing career. Many of these gold stocks pay dividends and allow you to participate in higher earnings as well. This is the best of both worlds for gold investors on, and it is important that you understand all of the benefits associated with this as well. Gold is a great place to invest your money if you are worried about what the market is going to do in the future. There are a lot of people putting money in this area as the stock market shows weakness.

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Knowledge is power and financial education can go a long way in determining if a person will be rich or poor. It is hard to determine wealth using the liquidity level of a person. Many people falsely believe that having lots of liquid cash makes them wealthy. Without financial planning a lot of financial aspects miss and you end up making wrong decisions that will have severe financial implications. It is advisable to seek the services of a qualified financial advisor to guide you through the murky waters that are finances. Wealth Solutions is a registered consulting firm that offers diverse financial opinions and advice. It is located in Austin Texas and has been around for more than 2 decades. Over those years it has never mislead or misinformed a client.

Since its incorporation the firm has striven to offer unmatched financial opinions. It mainly focuses on entrepreneurs, family expenditure planning and business management. It has experienced professionals who have experience in diverse fields ensuring that quality information is passed. Apart from offering financial education the company also specializes on wealth creation advice and opinions. The information offered is practical and will benefit the clients and their businesses. Many people have taken advantage of its regular lectures and have enrolled so as to tap the valuable information being passed across.

Wealth Solutions aim and focus is to facilitate the creation of an education savvy population that does sound financial decisions without putting themselves into financial risk. Management of resource is critical and is essential in the management and planning of our day to day lives. With financial knowledge comes financial freedom and security. Just like a learning institution or a financial advisory firm Financial Wealth management enables people to think out of the box when utilizing their resources and wealth.

Richard Blair is a financial consultant and founder of Wealth Solutions. He has a knack for financial management and founded his firm with the view of educating people. He realized the advantages of financial management at a very tender age, carefully managing whatever money he laid his hands on. H e comes from a chain of teachers his grandmother and mother having been teachers. He is well aware of the various financial traps and has devised ways on how to avoid them. Richard Blair hopes that everyone should be able to manage his finances and also plan for retirement. He is a family man and lives with his family in Texas.

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