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Flooring? What’s the big deal, right? That’s the typical response most people have until they discover the damning evidence linking flooring to most allergy triggers. How do most people react? A large percentage become fed up with the sneezing, itching, nostril-clogging crisis, and selects a hypoallergenic option like Eucatex flooring. Eucatex President, Flavio Maluf agrees that in many cases, allergens become the hallmark for Eucatex flooring.

At first glance, it seems preposterous that something so negligible, like carpeting, could be a contributing factor to antagonistic grief. However, it turns out, carpeting is a magnet for allergens, and odds are, unless you are the OCD-Felix Unger type weekly shampooer, your carpeting is a major concern. Allergy and respiratory disease is one reason eco-friendly flooring, like Eucatex, is a sought-after product these days. Flavio Maluf acknowledges the rise in health concerns, and says its evident in his company’s popularity.

Percentage rates of asthma-related disease continue to climb, as well as rhinitis, and other seasonal allergies, so when you consider choosing between a “breathable” flooring, and a microscopic environment of compressed allergens, it’s not hard to see why Eucatex is the winner. It’s also a money-saver in the long run. Sooner or later, everyone replaces their carpeting because the fibers become over worn, but sustainable flooring last forever.

How Eucatex Began a Revolution

The Brazilian-based eco-friendly company is operated today by Flavio Maluf and the Maluf family. Using technology to transform eucalyptus trees into eco-based sustainable wood, Eucatex became an ingenious, and revolutionary concept, established by Paulo Maluf. Brazil’s production and pollution was troubling to the engineer, who believed a recycled material would diminish the environmental worries. Improving on that thought, Eucatex began harnessing the trees for flooring, furniture, and eventually paint products. Dedicated to global environmental issues, Flavio Maulf collaborates with other companies and environmentalists on transforming eucalyptus into healthier innovative products. Additionally, Flavio Maluf has proven to be a shrewd buinessman, boosting company profits by 30% in 2014.

90 percent of us spend the majority of our time indoors, and our environment becomes so commonplace, that even problematic items become immaterial. An absolutely allergen-free home environment is impossible to establish, but it’s more practical to try and create hypoallergenic housing, if for nothing more than improving your quality of living.

Many intuitive ideas get discarded, and thankfully, this wasn’t the case with Eucatex. Indeed, research and gut instinct became an innovative established brand.