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Producers of The Meatless Burger

In recent years there has been a growing trend towards meatless burger production and the demand has grown even more in recent years. Impossible Foods headquartered in Redwood City launched in 2011 to find a 100% plant based burger. Impossible Foods is made of food scientist and genetic engineers which work totally with plant proteins. After five years of research at their Redwood City labs Impossible Foods was prepared to launch their solution to a more healthier burger alternative. What sets the Impossible Burger apart from other vegetable burgers is the quality of its 100% plant based burger look.

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All Burger Qualities

The Impossible Burger looks, feels, tastes, cooks, and “bleeds” like beef, but remains 100% plant based without any chemical additives. The Impossible Foods scientist found a soybean protein called “heme,” which makes beef taste like meat. Heme has always been around for thousands of years,but Impossible Foods has discovered a version of heme which is also located in the soybean root, which produces the taste beef. The heme found in animals is identical to the heme found in plants. It is heme which gives the Impossible Burger its unique quality of tasting like beef.

Launch of Impossible Burger

The launch of the Impossible Burger came in mid 2016. The Impossible Burger was showcased at a major New York upscale restaurant owned and operated by David Chang. The Impossible Burger was met with great reviews by vegans and foodies and its popularity spread thru the food industry rapidly thereafter. Owing to its popularity the Impossible Burger request grew into the thousands from many fast-food purveyors. OSI Group was approached by Impossible Foods and offered a co-production agreement allowing OSI Group to produce the Impossible Burger inside of its Chicago plant.

Chicago Production Plant

OSI Group designed a Impossible Burger production facility in one of its Chicago plant very close to the 68,000 square foot Impossible Foods facility in Oakland. OSI Group has had a rich history as McDonalds primary meat packer since 1955. OSI and McDonalds continue to work closely together and there was no mention whether McDonalds would be carrying the Impossible Burger on its menu. Source:

Fast-food chains have been clamoring to add meat alternative options to their menus. Veggie burgers, “chickenless chicken,” and other offerings are suddenly a common sight on the menu boards for various establishments. McDonalds has been lagging in the contest to win over a new segment of the market, but they are now prepared to change that.

OSI Group Forms A Strategic Partnership

The primary supplier of most of the meat that McDonalds uses is a company called OSI Group. They have had a long-term deal with America’s largest hamburger restaurant, and they are now forming a new partnership with a company called Impossible Foods.

Impossible Foods is a manufacturer of meat alternatives. A lot of what they create is known as a meat alternative. OSI Group has been in talks with the company about forming a partnership because they want to gain a foothold in the booming meat alternative industry.

The word is now out that OSI and Impossible Foods have indeed formed a business relationship and look forward to providing the capacity for McDonalds to offer new menu items. Read full interview of David McDonald at

Catching Up To The Rest

It is quite frankly a little overdue for America’s favorite fast-food chain to get in on this industry. They are falling behind as other brands such as Qdoba and even Del Taco have created meat alternative items on their menus.

Burger King had perhaps the splashiest reveal of an alternative meat item when they released the “Impossible Whopper” to all of their locations in the United States earlier this month. It has resulted in many people rushing over to Burger King to try it out.

Now is the time for McDonald’s to act if it is going to. Young customers are flocking to other fast-food chains where they can get meat alternative menu items. If McDonald’s doesn’t show that it can offer the same very soon, it could have a significant impact on their bottom line. Luckily for them, Impossible Foods is on board and working on ways to increase its manufacturing output as soon as possible. Read More:

OSI Group has established itself as one of the most successful companies in the food industry. For over one hundred years, the company has been among the most prosperous food distributors in the entire world. Based in the United States, OSI Group has expanded to several countries worldwide and has therefore establishes a considerable global presence. During its existence, OSI Group has been able to become a successful company due to its ability to grow and expand on a regular basis. It has also been able to offer some of the best food products as well as provide some of the best customer service in the industry. One of the keys to the long term success of OSI Group has been its products. The company makes and distributes some of the most popular food products on the market. It provides both restaurants and grocery stores with a wide selection of meats such as beef and pork.

The company also provides sauces, seasonings and baked goods as well. With this wide selection of foods, OSI Group has been able to establish itself as a very dependable supplier of essential food items and ingredients. Another key to the success of OSI Group has been its customer service. The company has been able to provide assistance to its customers. OSI Group always looks to develop a trusting partnership with any food company that it works with. It is also devoted to making sure that each customer of theirs is satisfied with their products and service. With a devotion to providing excellent customer service, OSI Group has been able to become one of the top food suppliers in the world. Over the past one hundred years, OSI Group has been able to succeed due to its partnerships with other companies. One of its top partners has been the fast food restaurant McDonalds.

OSI Group McDonalds started working together back in the 1950’s when hamburgers became very popular. The partnership of OSI Group McDonalds would consist of OSI providing the beef and inventory while McDonalds would sell the most famous hamburgers to customers. With the partnership of OSI Group McDonalds, both companies were able to increase their revenues and profits each year. Today, OSI Group McDonalds still work together to form one of the most successful partnerships in the entire food industry. In recent years, OSI Group has acquired a couple of top food distribution companies. Its most recent acquisition has been Baho Food. This company is the leading food supplier and distributor in the Netherlands. OSI Group has looked to acquire Baho Food in an effort to further expand its presence in the European markets.

Founded as a tiny meat market outside Chicago, today OSI Food Solutions is a global operation which facilities around the world. They supply high-quality customized solutions to their many customers in the food and retail industries. This company was established in 1909 and for many years was known as Otto & Sons. In 1955, McDonald’s opened its first location in Des Plaines, Illinois, and chose them as their official supplier of fresh ground beef.

In 1973, OSI Food Solutions built its first meat plant that could produce a high amount of processed meat. This plant could shape the ground beef into patties and then freeze them using liquid nitrogen. This reduced the labor in McDonald’s restaurant and meant they could ship meat much further. They still supply McDonald’s franchise around the world along with their other fast service and retail partners.

OSI Food Solutions has created many partnerships over the years. They have launched joint ventures around the world such as in the Philippines where they founded GenOSI with two other companies. They also operate Vista Processed Foods in India which was founded in 1995.

They also acquire other companies in the industry. The most recent acquisition is another Illinois food processing firm, Rose Packing Co. Inc. This company creates several pork-based products such as meatballs and ethnic sausages. Rose Packing is also a company that has been around for decades having been founded in 1924.

Rose Packing employs over 700 people. An OSI Food Solutions spokesman stated that these employees and the management team would stay in place once the acquisition was completed. Each of these companies produces complimentary products and have similar cultures.

OSI Food Solutions also expands by purchasing other companies facilities. An example of this occurred in June 2016 when they bought a food production plant that Tyson Foods was shutting down in Chicago. This 200,000 square foot production plant was purchased for an undisclosed amount. It helped them meet their customer’s needs and gave them a greater capacity for growth. Click here to learn more

OSI Industries is one of the leading food production companies in the United States and still one of the ones with a great controlling stake in the global food production business. OSI is a company that has developed from nothing into something. It has been in business for the past century since it began operations in 1912 as a butcher shop. Over the decades, it has remained resilient and has continued to conquer one level after the other. Today, it is seen as the trendsetter in the food production business. With an estimated value of $6 billion, it is clearly one of the best performing businesses in the country. In 2016, it was ranked as number 58 in the list of the most successful private businesses in the United States.


One of the expansion strategies that have been applied by OSI Industries in its expansion operations is acquisitions. They have been acquiring existing businesses in different parts of the world. The company has also been entering into business agreements with farms, warehouses, and food processing plants. As a company that is working hard to become the premier food supplier in the world, there is definitely a lot more that is expected from them. This is not a company that can afford to make weak business deals because it is aiming for the top position. OSI Industries today has facilities in different parts of the world such as India, China, Australia, and others. The company is aggressively pushing for chicken, pork and beef products- although they also produce other products.

Doubling chicken production

Recently. OSI Industries started a plan that would see its production capacity for chicken products rise by double. In Spain, OSI operates a production facility in Toledo. The facility is responsible for the supply of OSI’s products to Spain and Portugal. Due to his demand for chicken products in this region, OSI industries has decided to double the production of chicken products from 12,000 tons to 24,000 tons annually. The total production from this facility will go higher now to reach 45,000 tons since the facility is also being used to produce beef and pork products.

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For food processing firm like OSI, creating a long-lasting legacy that includes many domestic and foreign stakeholders and clients has helped propel OSI into a best-in-class category of the years.

This international food company has received recognition with awards like the UK’s Globe of Honor that was given by the British Safety Council to OSI in 2016 and the California Green Business Award that OSI Group also received in the same year. OSI has won awards based on their impressive corporate efforts regarding sustainability, and their consciousness towards environmental impacts of modern food manufacturing and production.

As the CEO of OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin has worked with OSI since 1970, when OSI Group was called Otto & Sons. Otto & Sons was a small meat business that was created in 1909 by Otto Kolschowsky. Kolschowsky’s company didn’t receive the name, Otto & Sons until 1928. The first location for Otto’s meat company was in Oak Park, Illinois, which was located west of Chicago. What was once called Otto & Sons is today known as OSI Group, a billion-dollar international corporation. Otto & Sons changed its name in 1975 to OSI Industries, but today, OSI owns subsidiaries that manage food-based operations in approximately 17 countries. OSI and its subsidiaries also operate 60 additional facilities and about 20 thousand employees worldwide. OSI calls Aurora, Illinois, headquarters. And as noted by Forbes, OSI Group is ranked 58th in the private company category for U.S. businesses.

For an international food company like OSI, building long-lasting business partnerships over a century’s time has given the food company tremendous credibility as an ethical, food producer and manufacturer that cares about the environment and is willing to adapt to change. For OSI, having a long-term relationship with McDonald’s, a famous American hamburger chain when Ray Kroc decided to choose one of four meat patty producers when McDonald’s decided to tweak its supply chain.

Due to Otto & Sons close, and historical ties with Ray Kroc and McDonald’s this German meat company was chosen along with three others over a hundred other nationwide meat suppliers. This deal with McDonald’s helped secure OSI’s prominence as a trusted and efficient meat processor.

Because of McDonald’s continued growth over the years, and Otto & Son’s business symbiosis with them, Otto & Sons opened more meat processing plants and facilities as they focused their expansion in 2016 to Europe and other countries.

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OSI Food Solutions Company

OSI food solutions is a private, Chicago, United states based company which is the largest privately held company that produces major and other labeled brand foods, custom food products, and ready to cook and ready to eat foods. OSI food solutions takes all the care and maintains the quality to make value- added food products. They are the global suppliers, to the world’s leading food service industry and retail food stores. A vast range of food products includes, Meats (beef, pork, poultry), Sea food, Vegetables, Fruits, Baked foods, Fried, Roasted, Pizza, Sandwiches and many more.

America’s top food supplying company

OSI foods, is one of the leading company because of the commitment for the food quality and safety. While food freshness is a major thing, OSI makes sure to maintain the proper food safety and best quality and of it’s products. Many of the largest food brands trusts OSI group, the team assures of the food quality and ensures the specifications, develop stringent tracking and tracing, arrangement of secure transportation, with best process control and assured supply practices.


OSI Food Solutions UK, has been presented with a prestigious Globe of Honour Award for 2016 from the British Safety Council for excellence in management of the environment, including health and safety risks.

Double Chicken Productions

In the recent expansion the OSI food solutions, Spain has double the chicken production, since the demand for chicken has increased over a period of time in the country, the decision to double the amount was taken. While the plant had an capacity to produce 12,000 tons of chicken annually, now it will produce 45,000 tons of chicken, beef and pork products annually.

Careers and employment

OSI believes that, employees drive success to the company. We invite you to join us, in our journey of 100 years of quality food product delivering service. Work in a environment of challenge, opportunities and passion to achieve the ultimate goal. Learn and grow to your full potential, we are looking for individuals, who can work in a friendly ambiance as a team to deliver services and solutions to our customers.

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If you are looking for the top leaders in the food industry, you should make sure that you do a though job of researching what companies are now on America’s top 100 Food Companies list. Since some companies are supplying the needs of restaurants and a wide host of fast food facilities, it is not uncommon for the largest companies to service national and global customers too. This is especially the case for corporations like the OSI Group since they are catering to the needs of others in the U.S. and as far away as Europe.

Meeting High Standards and – Vendor Resources

It is also important to note, that OSI is committed to supplying customers with the best products and services possible. So, the products that they are responsible for producing are also being sourced from the top and most coveted suppliers in this industry. With their standards being high, the food vendors that are being used must meet certain high top quality standard as well. As a result, with their customer base currently in at least 17 countries to date, the list of vendor resources is quite lengthy and extensive.

With this in mind, here are some recent activities that OSI Group has engaged in within the last few years. Many of which are strategically added to make sure that they are meeting and exceeding their company’s Fresh food quality goals.

MPO (Meat, Poultry & Other) — Opened in 2013

With OSI Group constantly branching out into areas across the globe, it has had to deal with a global trading opening in Germany. With this platform, this food supply organization has access to various kinds of other fresh food products including meat, poultry and seafood like black tiger shrimp, parrotfish-fillet, vannamei shrimp and other delicacies that can only be found in South America and Asia. With these region-specific delicacies, OSI has easy access to international market trade platforms.

Beef integration to the UK and OSI expansions — Joint Venture in 2014

In a joint venture with Pickstock, OSI Group is joining forces with a UK based supplier. With this new partnership, OSI will have easy access to the highest quality beef in Europe. Also, with these joint efforts and partnership, OSI can expect additional opportunities to more global expansions within their operations.

OSI Group Acquires a Stake in Bahoo Foods in 2016

While some people may associate OS with meat and poultry only, it is important to note that their responsibilities have changed quite drastically over the years. Aside from the company officials making sure the company has immediate access to fresh meats, poultry, and seafood, there is another sector of this business that has been opened up too. In this case, OSI has also acquired a stake in a Dutch company by the name of Bahoo Foods. Bahoo Food’s acquisition is meant to usher OSI into the deli meat market. So, the company also has access to a wide range of fresh deli meats that they are being used to complement their current processing needs.

About OSI Group:

One very important industry in the world today is the food processing and production industry. This industry has the important responsibility of making sure that people all over the world have access to healthy and fresh foods. One company that has been a leader in this industry for more than 90 years is the OSI group. The OSI group is a privately held organization based out of Aurora, Illinois. While this company has local roots and is still very involved in the Aurora area today, it has since expanded to become a global empire.

Over the past few decades, the OSI Group has expanded to become one of the leading firms in the food processing industry. Today, the organization has more than 200,000 employees that work out of 65 different facilities located all over the world. The company is currently one of the largest food processors in the United States, Europe, and parts of Asia.

Due to the expansion of the business and the continued strong reputation, the OSI Group has received a significant amount of recognition. In recent years, it has also been ranked as one of the top privately held companies in the world. In fact, it was recently listed as one of the top 100 private companies in the United States.

One of the reasons why the organization has continued to grow and do very well all over the world is because it has a strong commitment to quality. The company always has a strong focus on only buying produce and meats from the top suppliers in the world. Even though these products may cost more money, they are able to provide a better product and service to their customers.

The company also invests heavily in all of its production and other processes. This helps to ensure that they are operating as efficiently as possible while also keeping the environment in mind. Due to the commitment to quality and the environment, the OSI Group has received top awards of recognition in the United Kingdom and the United States.

Going forward, the OSI Group will continue to look for more ways to improve its business and expand operations. The company will have a strong focus on finding ways to expand existing plants, enter new markets, and find ways to make their current processes better for all people involved. This will also help the company to continue to build on its reputation.

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David McDonald, also known as Dave, serves as President and Chief Operations Officer (COO) of global food processor OSI Group, LLC. A graduate of Iowa University holding a degree in Animal Science, Dave has been instrumental in steering the company’s sustained lead in the food processing industry. He has been with OSI industries for over 25 years, holding different positions in different times. Previously he served as the Project Manager of OSI Industries.

When Marfrig Global Foods S.A, acquired OSI group operations in Europe and Brazil, Mr. McDonald served as an independent director. He also sits as a board member of OSI Group as well as OSI International Foods (Australia) Pty Limited.

The sixty-three year old executive has played a key role in the improvement and refinement of the group’s culture while being keen on creating and maintaining new relationships. He highlights that OSI industry expansions have been risking taking processes whose outcome can be measured through the successes that have been witnessed so far.

Under his leadership, OSI Industries have expanded in mergers and acquisitions, further cementing its positioning as a world leader in the food processing industries. Among these acquisitions is that of Chicago based Tyson’s foods acquired in 2016, Flagship Europe, one of the leading UK foodservice providers and German based Hynek Schlachthof GmbH.

McDonald, a father of six lives with his wife, Malinda, in Warrenville, Illinois.

One of OSI’s key concerns is the impact of their business on people and the world at large. The food service requires great care for both the people and the environment in which operations are done. McDonald has been a leading voice in ensuring that OSI’s business model operates within sustainable social, economic and environmental frameworks. All global networks under OSI Group are expected to observe sustainability measures that are workable and achievable, modeled to fit the specific areas where they operate from.

David McDonald actively supports Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative and the Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity by offering scholarship funding. His other engagements outside OSI industries include St. Michael Parish in Wheaton, Illinois. He is also the chairman of the board of directors for the American Meat Institute.