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The Age Of Trump

Donald Trump’s victory has certainly been a tragic loss for the left. George Soros, a long time advocate for the American left, does not approve of this one bit. George Soros wants to do just about everything he can to stop the regress of American politics, but there is so much more to this than that. He understands that Trump represents a threat to the Western left in general. If he doesn’t do something to protect globalism and open societies in general, Soros believes the West will be done for.

The Future Of Open Societies

Open societies are essential to the advancement of any major economy. When people are allowed to do what best fits their abilities and goals, they are generally most productive. When people are forced to do work in occupations because of their birth class or group, they are far less productive than might be otherwise. Soros wants to make sure that Western societies continue to remain open. Among the most important ways he seeks to achieve this is through donating the progressive candidates in hopes of helping them gain office again.

His Impact Worldwide

The impact of George Soros on politics is something anybody can see if they decide to take a look. He has generally been a major donor to left wing politics and he has made sure that people are best able to support candidates that reflect these values. It hasn’t always been an easy path, but he’s managed to bring countries such as Hungary into the free market. His strategy appears to help people all across the world reach their potential no matter what they choose to do regardless of their initial circumstances.

The Fight Continues

This is one of the most important times to fight for progress according to Soros. He believes that Trump’s plans for America have the potential to undo just about everything that liberals have been fighting for over the past few years. If this is allowed, it could take decades to return to this level of progress or it may never come back. He is currently in talks with other major donors on the left about what needs to be done next in order to insure their work isn’t undone. Like Trump, Soros is a billionaire and knows what his power can do.

Where Does Everything Go From Here?

The most important question to ask is what he will do during Trump’s reign. It seems that Soros is choosing to spend as much time and energy as possible fighting for open societies, but he is also very cautious of what will happen. He knows all too well that mistakes can’t be made.