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Wen by Chaz is a prestigious hair care line that is heavily used by celebrities. Delivering quality from roots to tips, this line leaves hair in a natural state that radiates shine and pristine health. Eliminating the need to buy multiple hair products that serve different purposes, Wen products combine all essential vitamins, nutrients, and oils in one bottle. Positive results are experienced by people with all different hair types, but people always have to see things for themselves, so they embark on their own hair care journeys using Wen by Chaz products to determine if the buzz is appropriate.

Emily McClure began her experiment with a hair cleansing product by Wen in which the only requirements were to replace her regular shampoo and conditioner with the quality substitute. Lasting only a week, the test resulted in data that was anything but surprising, and one very happy woman.

Day 1: When first using this product on her fine hair on, Emily described her hair as becoming immediately soft as she was rinsing it.

Day 2: Awaking to what she described as greasy hair, the experimenter could not help but notice that her hair seemed more voluminous than usual.

Day 3: Stating that her locks were not as oily, she was thrilled on to see how healthy and shiny her hair looked and felt.

Day 4: Mentioning her disdain that she could not wash her hair this day, she was surprised that her hair still maintained full and glossy qualities.

Day 5: Normal results were seen on this day. Her only complaint on Sephora was that her curls seemed to fall faster than normal, but that can be chalked up to the fact that Wen restores hair to a natural, healthy state by creating a protective barrier that is hard to penetrate.

Day 6: Others took notice, and her friends complimented her gorgeous locks.

Day 7: Nothing but a smile was worn by Emily as she radiated in all of her hair glory. Conclusively, Wen by Chaz cleansing conditioner will be her primary product.