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George Soros: This One Man’s Prediction

When a financial mogul speaks about the doom to come, it’s often a good idea to walk away. You would do yourself better service by covering your years while mumbling to yourself. That is if you want to save yourself from financial doom. If not that, then you save your positive perspective from being changed at the whim or beck and call of a complete stranger. But that’s not all. It’s likely better to avoid those types of interactions altogether. Learn more about his profile at

There’s only one exception that comes to mind regarding predictions and the people who make them. Sometimes, it’s impossible to avoid, and the voice you hear gets you caught in a real, standing prospect. In these times, the negative sentiment is absolutely necessary. So it’s necessary that we give you a solid example. Before the European Union’s current dysfunction, which no one foresaw, it was only George Soros who did. He took the chance to make a public proclamation and to make one regarding doom. Yet history shows that George Soros is often right.

Though this professional works within the world of finance, his work affects policy as well.

A Quick Look At The Market Predictions Of George Soros

Market predictions are easy to make and can even make you rich if you’re exciting and offer information with a thrilling presentation. Go ahead, and make one right now, and you’ll realize that even the fakes do a good job at “faking it.” The chances of you being right, however, are very slim and why Mr. Soros thrives as he does. That’s why everyone in the world of investing open their ears when George Soros has something to say. This is all for good reason. What made Mr. Soros a great success is his insight.

He’s in a position to see what others often can’t. Yet more importantly, he shows a great history where fear never deters him from telling the truth and sharing with everyone.

A Right or Wrong Track Record. You Decide.

But you might be suspicious as to why George takes it upon himself to share his knowledge and the things he sees looming along “the horizon.” All you have to do to quench this curiosity is to find Mr. Soros’ track record and make a comparison. The evidence is clear. Other gurus, those who tell lies, do so to profit.

But it’s difficult to profit when everyone is not only given the same information but the right information also. Now you decide what George’s true intents are.

The Intent Behind George Soros’ Words

So we now know that George Soros aims to aid people in life. A lot of people are seeking the right information to make the right decisions. Yet, oftentimes, the media only shares information that will entertain or cause a riot. When that’s the case, who else can we turn to?

It’s no wonder a man like Soros is so involved with the world around him. It often seems that no one else is. Read his profile at Business Insider.

With the rise of social media it seems nearly everyone with any social status has begun adding the moniker of “activist” to their CV. This, of course, would not be an issue at all if the people calling themselves activists actually did any activism but all too often what constitutes as such is merely starting a hash tag or writing a scathing op-ed. However, this is not to say that such actions are useless or should not be performed but there is something to be said about the relative ineffective nature of such facial gestures. Yet there are many individuals who take it upon themselves to actually roll up their sleeves and get down in the dirt to change things for the better. One of the foremost actual activists of current times if the extremely polarizing Thor Halvorssen Mendoza, the founder of the Human Rights Foundation.

Halvorssen’s rise to prominence is partially related to the work of his foundation but is primarily due to his various and, often dangerous, forays into world politics. As a political activist very opposed to tyranny in all it’s forms, whether it resides on the left or on the right, much of Halvorssen’s work is focused on traveling to nations, specifically socialist nations, to empower the silent majority and shake up the political establishment.

Such was the case with Thich Quang Do, the leader of the Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam who was imprisoned in his own home for 28 years due to the banning of his church in Ho Chi Minh City. Entering the city under the semi-false pretense of being a, “Buddhist Seeker,” (something which was, technically, true) Mr. Halvorssen entered Mr. Do’s house and filmed a lengthy interview covering the church’s as well as Thich’s own situation. However, as Halvorssen was leaving the house he was picked up by the Vietnamese authorities and viciously beaten for his “crimes.” Thor, though, was able to get the last laugh by handing off the video card to one of his friends who snuck the tape out by hiding it… in his rectum. If that isn’t dedication to a cause then it would be pretty hard to say what is!