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Securus Technologies is a giant of sorts in the prison communication technology business. They have contracts with nearly 2600 correctional facilities in the US and Canada. The company employs around a 1000 people in its offices in Texas and Georgia. In the past three years, the company had put aside a budget of nearly $600 million for state-of- the-art technology as well as patents. Securus Technologies was formed when two companies, T-Netix and Evercom, merged to become one company. This happened in 2004 and three years late Securus acquired Syscon Justice Systems.

One of Securus’s contributions to prison technology was a system called Wireless Containment System, put in place to identify contraband cell phones. This technology is known as Cell Defender Technology and it teamed up with Harris Corporation to implement this ground breaking technology.

A few months ago Securus worked with an independent judge to decide whether or not it created a better product compared to its competitor, GTL. The reason for this move by Securus Technologies is because GTL in a bid to win contracts misconstrued facts, claiming that GTL’s technology was comparable to Securus’s products. However, it is not only about technology. We could talk about technological superiority until we go blue in the face, but what also matters is customer service. Securus employs customer service agents domestically who are capable of doing a better job when talking and dealing with customers. GTL, on the other hand, contracts their customer service work to third party vendors.

Securus is a pioneer of sorts when it comes to voice over internet or VoIP calling technology. They have moved on from older on-premise technology to newer and more reliable cloud based technology. To top it all off, what better source than customers themselves, who have given Securus Technologies a thumbs up over the competition.


In a press release recently published by the Securus Technologies, they announced that their company was picked as the finalists for the 11th Annual Stevie Awards in the category of Sales and Customer Service. Securus Technologies is the top company in the civil and criminal justice technology industry offering unique solutions in the areas of investigations, public safety, corrections, and monitoring.



Securus Technologies became one of the 2300 companies that participated in the event to be nominated for the top awards. The company stands a chance to win at least one of Gold, Silver or Bronze Stevie Award for the year 2017. Stevie Awards was launched in the year 2002 and felicitate companies and people for their contribution to the business world from around the world. I feel the company has excellent customer service using their innovative technology solutions that can surely make them the top winner of the Gold Stevie Award.



Working out of their head office in Dallas in Texas, the company offers its services to more than 3,450 agencies and 1,200,000 inmates. The primary objective of the company is to make the civil and criminal processes technology oriented to enhance the safety of the public. These agencies depend on Securus to provide them with efficient, safe and user-friendly technologies that allow them to carry out their daily activities with no hassles.



Since the launch of the company in 1986, the company is providing its services to the correction industry and ensuring that their clients can receive practical solutions for their technology needs. The company has decades of experience and hires only the best employees who work hard to make the world a safe place for everyone. It is their dedication to customer service and their innovative solutions that have made them a front runner for this prestigious award.

Securus Technologies made an announcement in which it proposed to challenge its main competitor GTL. The plan was to have an independent judge determine which company was doing better, in areas such as the sophistication of the telephone platform, product set, and customer service. Richard Smith, the chief executive officer of Securus Technologies, said that GTL lied when they claimed that their technology and customer service was as good as Securus’. He stated that the comparison was unfair because they had done so much to better their company in the past four years. In that period they invested $700 million to acquire companies, develop products and design a state of the art technology center.


Smith added that GTL had done so little to merit the same stage with Securus Technologies. He said they know all about GTL’s products and technology. When compared, Securus Technologies has a larger product set. It also has its employees while GTL mostly outsources, meaning that the customer service they offer is in most cases poor. Many former GTL facility customers who left GTL for Securus said that the latter offers superior customer service and technology. Mr. Smith concluded that it would be best for GTL to decline the challenge and live with the fact that Securus is the customers’ choice.


Securus Technologies is a leading prison-technology company which has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. The company was founded in 1986, and some of its regional offices are located in Georgia, Allen, and Texas. It has around 1000 employees, and they work with 2600 correctional centers in the U.S. All these correctional facilities depend on easy to use technology solutions offered by Securus. The company has designers, engineers, and technologists who ensure that they provide the best solutions to their customers. Some of the services Securus offers include: connecting the incarcerated to their loved ones, solving investigative puzzles, information management, and inmate self-service.


The holiday season is a time for you to spend quality time together with your loved ones. You probably spend the majority of the Christmas season with your loved ones weather this is just mingling together and reminiscing about old times or you just want to be able to see their face and know how they are doing in their life. Problem that many families have is that not all of their family members can be there to celebrate the holiday season with them and this can really put a damper on an otherwise happy engagement.


The reason why this is a problem for many families is because they have loved ones in the prison system. The prison system does not make it easy for you to communicate with your family members because of all of the security measures that have been put into place to keep prisoners and their loved ones as safe as possible. Thankfully, there is a wonderful system on the market right now known as Securus that is being used by person families all over the country. I have actually been using this system myself with amazing success and it has finally allowed me to keep in contact with one of my friends who I have not seen for quite some time.


One of the best ways for you to use Securus is by utilizing it during the holiday season when you would otherwise be spending a lot of time with your loved ones. Your loved ones will find this to be one of the best systems put into place because of the fact that you can all be together without making a lengthy and costly trip to the prison to see them. You can actually video visit with your loved one and chat with them from your home computer in a way that is secure and safe for everyone involved.


If you have struggled in the past to keep in contact with your loved one because of the fact that they are in prison and you do not know about any type of system that is available to you, you will be amazed to know that Securus is going to be there for you every step of the way. Make sure to consider using this amazing system this Christmas season so that it can benefit you as it has for myself and so many other prison families around the world.


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I have been using Securus in my law office for a while now because it is the only way I can sit clients down and talk to them when they are in so many different jails in the area. You might not know how many different jails are near your home, but there are a lot. I cannot drive to them all, and I have people coming in asking for my help. I would like to at least see the person I am supposed to represent, and that is where I am using Securus to make my business function better.


Securus is great because it is really easy to use, and that is why they were given the accreditation of the BBB. They have been shown to offer the best customer service, and they are proving that anyone can get on the phone with someone who is in jail. I used to have to rely on phone calls to the jails, but now I can see people through the video camera on Securus. That is a thing that makes my law firm more functional, and it helps me see the person so I can judge what they are saying.


The families sometimes come into the office hoping to talk to someone they love on Securus, and we can sit down to have a nice chat about the case. The case is pretty easy to work through when we are all there doing what amounts to a basic video conference. There are many people who feel better because they now have information on their case that lets them know that they are doing the right things at the right times. They get to have a chance to learn about their case, and we can all sit down to talk together on Securus.


JLG Technologies’ Investigator Pro 4.0 is now available to Securus Technologies’ inmate telephone service customers. With the ability to match voice samples from inmates and the person on the other end of the line, the innovative technology is useful for both evidence-gathering and investigations. Inmates will try to disguise their voice or pass the phone to other inmates in an attempt to engage in criminal activity from inside jails and prisons to fool investigators who monitor calls. Now investigators can search for a specific voice using the same biometric technology as used by the U.S. Department of Defense, which should allow them to make a preemptive strike against criminal activity by inmates.


In the inmate communications industry, Securus Technologies stands out; they continually offer more value to both the inmates and the corrections agencies that they serve. Besides signing a licensing agreement with JLG Technologies, Securus recently acquired JPay Inc., bringing a variety of technology products to inmates. You have to admire a company that cares about its end user, the inmate. Using JPay’s technology, Securus can offer tablets with email and educational apps, but more importantly, they can offer the inmate a chance to practice skills that will benefit them once they are released.