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In a second round of funding, ClassDojo raised $21 million to enhance the app’s technology. ClassDojo helps to connect parents and educators so they can communicate regularly about the activities and academic development of students.

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ClassDojo allows teachers and parents to effectively communicate during the school day and throughout the year to ensure that student progress is properly monitored. Teachers can also inform parents of student’s behavioral and academic issues in real time, which may eventually take the place of the traditional parent teacher conference that takes place once a semester.  Related articles on

Educators also use ClassDojo to create activity schedules for parents on a daily basis. Teachers can use the app during the day to take pictures and send videos or photos to parents to show off a student’s work.

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Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, the founders of ClassDojo, closed the funding at the end of 2015, and are using the funds to expand the ClassDojo team. The money will also be used to determine the features and content that should be added to the app to make it more useful for parents who use ClassDojo as a home learning resource. Chaudhary shares that the idea is to assist parents facilitate conversations about school with their children and to provide support so that kids will do better in school as a result of being in an ideal learning environment.

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