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It is common for companies to get bad reviews. No one or group of people is going to please everyone. Everyone has their own set of values that differ from one another. As a result, they may not be happy with some establishments that others are happy with. However, this doesn’t stop a bad review from taking away from the business of the small company. Therefore it is very important that a company owner like Andrew Gruel fight bad reviews. With poor online reviews, it is important that Andrew Gruel responds rapidly to the poor online reviews that he has gotten.

One set of reviews that he got about one of his Slapfish restaurants is that they charged too much for the portions that they served. This has prompted Andrew Gruel to contact his customers and have them return to the restaurant and adjust the prices and portions.

Another thing to do is to contact Status Labs. Status Labs is one of the companies that works with people on their reputations. They work on the reputations of businesses of various sizes so that they can continue to get customers. Status Labs understands the type of damage that poor reviews can do.

Status Labs has proven its public relations abilities with a fight against a bad review of its own. It was hit with an unsatisfied reviewed. They worked skillfully towards moving the bad review down with updates on the service. As a result, they have gained back their status as a good company. Status Labs has proven that the professionals are equipped to improve the reputation of any given person or business with the use of many different techniques which include presenting optimized content and having some bad reviews moved from online sources so that they don’t cause much damage to the company.

Gruel’s tactics are also helpful. He makes amends with unsatisfied customers in order to help the company gain better reputation. If the unsatisfied person walks away satisfied, then this will improve the reputation of the company. Also, the fact that the company owner goes after the unsatisfied customer in order to make things right shows that he really cares about his customers.

Google creates a person’s character. Well, that is not entirely correct. The listings in the search engines, whether they are true or not, create a perception about persons, places, and things. When there are extremely troubling things showing up in the Google search engine results, steps have to be taken to address the problem.

Darius Fisher, the president of Status Labs, knows a lot about correcting problems with search engine result. His reputation management company has helped roughly 1,500 clients in 35+ countries fix internet reputation management woes. In a recent interview, Fisher pointed out a very inconvenient fact. Google results won’t change on their own. Someone has to be very proactive when trying to fix the damage that can occur.

First, clear out all cookies and run name searches. A person should run his/her name, various aliases, and business or company names through Google. This way, any troubles with Google are then immediately revealed. Only when a problem is discovered will steps be taken to address it.

How the problem is to be addressed depends on various factors. Information related to data brokers can be fixed by requesting the brokers no longer make private information public. Bad reviews, however, are harder to deal with. Creating a significant amount of new content and publishing the material online could help mitigate the problem. A series of new good reviews are going to help hedge against the bad ones. Publishing totally new websites and social media profiles would be other examples of creating a new online persona.

Darius Fisher understands how to go about these steps and he has noted they are rooted in concepts of digital marketing. Fisher knows digital marketing. He was named on PR Week’s Innovation 50 list of top digital marketers. Through an effective campaign the search engine results can basically be re-mastered.