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India entrepreneur Sudhir Choudhrie started off his career in 1975 as the mastermind behind the Magnum International Trading Company Ltd which was centered around helping India grow its export area. Sometime in 1995, Sudhir and his collaborative efforts with Taj Hotels Resorts led to the growth of Taj Kerala and the expansion to about four resorts. That same year, Sudhir worked alongside Adidas AG and came up with Adidas Indian Trading which not only brought the popular brand to India but spread out to various facilities across the country.

Sudhir Choudhrie held the position at internet travel agency Ebookers PLC as one of the company’s board members from 1999 to about 2005. Between that time in 2003, Sudhir made moves to put his money into Air Deccan which made headway as the premiere affordable airline in the country getting millions of passengers where they want to go. Once he received a heart transplant, 1999 was a time when Sudhir invested much money into New York’s Columbia University Medical Center and a program centered around cardiology was created in honor of his generosity.

After becoming a British national, Sudhir Choudhrie has frequently helped London-based C&C Alpha Group grow as a company in areas of real estate, aviation, healthcare and more. His work has led to many successful business relationships as a consultant and strategist for businesses. The knack Sudhir has with bringing companies more success and success, in general, has made him a notably dependable figure in the world of business.

Sudhir Choudhrie has been one to involve himself in politics as he holds the position an authority on India for liberal democrats in the UK. He has been very giving as his wife and children have been, splitting his philanthropy between India, the UK, and the US. In addition to all of this, Sudhir prides himself on his love for vintage cars and his fondness for the arts.

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James Dondero hosted an event at the Bush Center that features the art of Winston Churchill. This exhibit holds artwork of the presidents. All of it has to do with former presidents and veterans. There several hosted events that include sit down talks about certain aspects of different presidencies.

Dondero donates to The Bush Center regularly because of the veterans that need help. The center distributes the money where it is needed to help the veteran the most. This is good. Veterans should be able to get the care they need and other resources that will help make their lives a bit easier. We owe it to our vets to see that they have everything they need to survive after coming home from war. It is only fair that since they risk their lives for this country that we give back to them as well. Dondero is already doing his part. What is stopping us from doing ours? By people visiting the hosted event, maybe they can see firsthand how that works in terms each president doing what they can for our country. Read more about James Dondero at Daily Forex Report.


Hopefully, by people attending this event, it will put them in a donating mood. They can see how our vets were treated after the war and discussed which former presidents had the best ideas to help them. Our vets and former presidents deserve our respect and admiration for the jobs they have done whether we agree with them or not. Dondero has always loved this center and will always find it a worthy cause to donate to. Just a few months ago, he celebrated the former First Ladies of the former presidents. Dondero honored the women that made a difference in the White House. Now we must continue to honor those who lose their life for us. Visit to know more about James Dondero.