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Todd Levine is one of the founding attorneys of the Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine, P.L. Law Firm, a Florida-based law firm that specializes in handling cases that are related to the business sector. As an attorney, Todd Levine has been focusing on the litigation of complex cases that involves individuals who are having disputes with commercial transactions.

Todd Levine stated that one of the reasons why he established the law firm along with other colleagues is because he wanted to see an additional number of attorneys who will be representing the business sector. He himself is an attorney that helps anyone who is facing legal issues when it comes to business transactions, but he realized that the number is limited, and others should step in and help them out. He would always face complex cases, and through his creativity thanks to his talent in playing musical instruments and creating artworks, he is able to strategize and create new ways on how to deal with legal issues that are raised by his clients.

Inside the court, he is using his creativity to establish a concrete argument for other lawyers to attack or defend. Todd Levine can also be described as an attorney who is after the detail of the case. He would want to gather a lot of information and evidence first before he proceeds to generate a conclusion on the case. This in-depth thinking about the cases that have been referred to his law firm helps him succeed in any cases where he is representing a client. Through the years of serving the people as an attorney, Todd Levine stated that he is happy with the results of his court representations, and most of his clients are happy and satisfied with the result of their cases. Being a business lawyer, Todd Levine also highlighted how he is able to get through every day. Working in the legal sector makes each day unique, and he highlighted that there would never be any typical day for a lawyer because the extraordinary can happen anytime. He also added that being a business lawyer would allow him to travel a lot, and he finds happiness practicing his profession.

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The process of making a constitution is a huge undertaking for any one person or group. Veteran experts, along with seasoned policy-makers, come together to assemble and come up with leading processes that lead internationally renowned networks to form the legal framework. Not to forget that over 50 experts are included in this list of people that The Centre for Constitutional Transitions has worked with in these projects to make the constitution.

The founder of The Centre for Constitutional Transitions, Sujit Choudhry, notes that he has served alongside advisors for constitutions in democracies that are still up and coming, around the world. The Centre for Constitutional Transitions gets great information from the numerous questions they get when there is a transition in constitutions. Nonetheless, there are always challenges in instances whereby information is limited, unavailable or simply outdated. Such occurring researched issues tend to affect the efficiency of advisors regarding the advice they are to provide for the constitution making process. Such unfortunate instances are the reasons why the Centre for Constitutional Transitions steps in to provide the much-required information that is lacking. Hop over to for related article.

Given that both his parents were professors, Mr. Sujit Choudhry, an immigrant to the country, could not negate higher learning. Thus, he has been around new political and legal circles for a long time. He boasts of holding some degrees in law which he has compiled off of three separate countries, in Toronto, Harvard, and Oxford. These, as he recalls, are what led him down the path to success in his field. Sujit also has a great range of public policy experiences. He has also gathered a great mass of knowledge in decision-making when it comes to politics.  Listen to him share his views on things on this podcast episode featuring him, click

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Sujit acknowledges that we are presumably facing the worst liberal democracy constitutionalism challenge. It is vital for the USA to take a few lessons from other countries’ success and failure stories when it comes to constitution making. That covers from strained countries across the world, training then on how to make a constitution. Sujit Choudhry advises that leaders should always listen and respond to the people on the ground to get the facts. His institution aims to finish up three grand projects in partnership with the Institutional Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance and shall release articles of knowledge to the public. Continue reading on

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