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In 2016, Waiakea Hawaiian Bottled Water joined the esteemed ranks of international businesses and brands like Google, Apple and Time Inc. The company featured on the list of the top 5000 fastest growing businesses in North America, according to 2017’s Inc. Magazine. This bottling company recorded an unbelievable revenue growth of nearly 1,060% in the last three years alone. Inc.

The CEO and founder of Waiakea, Ryan Emmons is expected to travel to California on the 10th of October 2017 to receive the top award by Inc. Magazine. Mr. Emmons spoke to the press soon after his bottling company got named as the world’s best bottled water brand. In his speech, Ryan was excited that Waiakea finally made it to that prestigious list by Inc. Magazine.

Waiakea operates on a unique business model. In stark contrast with the other leading American companies, Ryan’s company is 100% eco-friendly. According to the Perfect Reporter, this company intends to cut their carbon emissions to zero by the end of 2017. Waiakea water seeks to only use 100% biodegradable water bottles by the end of the year.

Waiakea is Fighting Pollution and Poverty

This Hawaiian bottled water company maintains a robust corporate social responsibility program in the communities it is based. Today, visit remote villages in Africa and you’ll find water wells established by Waiakea. Thanks to the charitable contributions by Waiakea and Pump Aid, millions of low income people have attained a world-class education.

About Waiakea Water

Fall in love with the natural and delicious tasting water from Waiakea. The company sources the main ingredient at the peaks of the Mauna Loa volcano. This region has remained ostracized from the Hawaiian population for centuries and as such the water is completely devoid of pollution and other contaminants. Waiakea water contains a variety of essential minerals giving it a distinctive alkaline taste.

Awards and Acknowledgments

The premium bottled water company has earned several accolades for its quality and healthy products and for its contribution towards making the planet a better place for all. IN 2015, the Hawaiian company scooped two prestigious awards: The Dujour Award for the Most Socially Responsible Company in US and Canada and the Food and Beverage Innovation Award.

David McDonald is the current Chief Operating Officer and President of OSI Group, a food service global brand. He has been part of OSI Group since 1987. Through David’s headship, the food company has taken huge milestones in providing quality consumer food service. Common food products associated with the brand include pizza and sandwiches. The China based brand is considered one of the best in the world, thanks to Mr. McDonald.

Education Background

David graduated with a B.S Degree in Animal Science from Lowa State University. Here he was able to learn quality academic and management skills that he applies in the food industry.

Work Background

Besides OSI, Mr. McDonald serves as board chairman at North American Meat Institute. Here he oversees the company’s operation in the food delivery service, notably animal proteins. He ensures that quality food safety standards are followed.

In addition to this, he also chairs the board of directors at OSI Group. Other than being the COO of OSI, he is an active Independent Director at South American brand Marfrig Global Foods. The company deals with animal proteins (mainly beef) in South America.

David’s Contribution towards the Sustainability of OSI

The core values of OSI are entrepreneurial passion and customer ethics. David McDonald has always ensured that this is the primary focus. He targets at meeting the customer’s expectation as OSI aims global dominance.

The company also insists on successful partnership. This allows the partners to be actively involved in the operation and culture of the brand. The partnership link has been an integral pillar for OSI’s scaling heights. All this has been possible because of David.

About Baho Food

David has welcomed the idea of adding Baho Food to OSI European Business. He sees it as an opportunity for OSI to establish its presence in Europe. The reception is also echoed by John the MD of Baho Food and his managerial team. They consider the move great and entrepreneurial to know more info about us: click here.


Through the headship of David McDonald, OSI group continues to set the market pace. Many entrepreneurs look at David as a motivating pillar. He is a big influence in the food service industry as you cannot mention OSI without talking of David McDonald.