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Oscar Pistorius was sentence to serve a three-year sentence in the trial of the murder of Reeva Sttenkamp. He was found to have committed culpable homicide instead of the murder conviction. There were also gun related offenses that he was guilty of. The case was widely publicized because of the intricate details that surrounded it. Brenda Wardle, a legal analyst has written a book that details the case and the trial in great detail. The title of the book is To Kill A Fragile Rose – The State’s Case Against Oscar Leonard Carl Pistorius. Her law education and experience lends to her expert writing for this particular piece giving an impressive overview of the specifics that entailed during the case and the trial.

Besides writing the To Kill A Fragile Rose – The State’s Case Against Oscar Leonard Carl Pistorius novel, she has also written another novel, Odyssey of A Woman. Being a South African woman, Brenda has written about her experiences in the legal community and detailed her education in the book.

Brenda’s law background is impressive. She has three different law degrees. They include an Intermediary Degree Qualification in Criminal Justice, a Master of Laws Degree and also a Bachelor of Laws Degree. Having this educational background allowed her to enter into and excel in her chosen field. She understands the legal and criminal justice fields, and is regarded as an extremely knowledgeable person about both of them as she proceeds forward in her career.

Adding to her many accomplishments, she is also the CEO of the Wardle School of Law. She is a legal analyst for South Africa and has helped to pave the way for many to learn the different aspects of the legal field.

She is an impressive woman that is held in high esteem by many experts in the legal community. This is regarded as a huge and impressive accomplishment for woman in the industry. As she continues to write about and analyze different cases, her name will become even more well-known and respected for her knowledge and expertise.