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Using a Gooee smart lighting system just because it’s cool and modern is not the number one reason to use smart lighting, but it’s still close. Going smart with lighting has many benefits other than having the coolest house on the block. Now, if you’re a little out of touch and don’t know what smart lighting is or what it’s all about, then the following information will bring you up to speed.

Smart lighting revealed
Smart lighting isn’t much different than many other products that have gone smart. Basically, a smart lighting system controls the lights in a building, home, or outdoor area automatically and under certain conditions so that the manual flicking of a switch is no longer necessary. Smart lighting systems can vary in complexity and control and of course in price as well. There are two basic types of smart lights: non-sensor integrated and sensor integrated.

Sensor integrated smart lights- These smart lights have sensors that enable them to recognize people and daylight, movement, and light from other sources. The lights automatically send information to the smart lighting network, which sets specific parameters for each light then adjusts the light accordingly. Sensor-integrated lights can still be controlled manually.

Non-sensor integrated smart lights- These lights don’t have sensors built into them but still fall into the class of smart lights because they can be programmed.

One major benefit that all Gooee smart lighting systems have in common is that they can lower energy bills. Also, smart lights can be controlled remotely from a tablet or smartphone which can make your home safer while you’re away on vacations or when you come home after dark.