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Smart lighting is the next wave for controlling electricity costs. LED lights were a tremendous upgrade in that department, but smart lighting is going a step further by actually using technology to monitor lighting and make intelligent decisions based on the data.
Smart lighting tracks the usage of lights and adjusts as necessary. It also keeps very accurate tabs on what is going on in your home or facility. For example, if there is a room with expensive lighting installed that is rarely used, it may be decided that the space isn’t being used to its potential. These kinds of data analysis operations are what really make it a technological breakthrough. It also helps that you have control from anywhere of individual lights. While this was possible before, it required an expensive home automation system. Smart lights make this kind of power and control available over a smart phone or Internet connection. All this functionality comes at very little extra cost over the average LED bulb. It’s clear to see that Gooee’s smart lighting is the future, and the faster companies start to jump on board, the sooner they can start realizing the savings.