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Dr. Tim Ioannides is the founder of Treasure Coast Dermatology. What makes this multi-location practice different from other clinics is their medical focus. Most dermatological clinics yield the majority of their business to cosmetic cases.

At Treasure Coast, Dr. Tim Ioannides is intensely focused on the medical aspect of dermatology. For more than 15 years, Dr. Ioannides has been consumed by his quest to provide encapsulating care to all of his patients. How did this Florida-based medical professional become an icon in the industry? That’s a great question and one we’ll seek to answer below.

Dr. Tim Ioannides knows that the dermatological field is largely focused on treating cosmetic conditions. Whether you are talking about a facelift or botox, dermatology is largely relegated to discussions surrounding beauty care. While dermatological practices can absolutely offer those services, Dr. Ioannides is more interested in saving lives.

As a result, much of what Treasure Coast does is focused on treating infectious disease, skin cancer, tumor removal, and more. In fact, Dr. Ioannides has personally involved himself in research on new skin cancer vaccination possibilities. This concept, Dr. Ioannides explains, is based on the idea that skin cancer operates like an actual infectious disease. While the vaccine has not reached the public yet, it could end up being one of the most important dermatological breakthroughs in recent memory.

In an article on Science Daily entitled, “Researcher Uses HPV Vaccine To Treat Patient With Skin Cancer”, Ioannides was cited as being involved and collaborating with Dr Anna Nichols, which is also a renowned dermatologist, in using the HPB vaccine as an off-label treatment by directly injecting it into the tumors, which proved to be successful, based on Dr Nichols’ case report.

Treasure Coast Dermatology also embraces alternatives to the conventional patient experience. At Treasure Coast, Dr. Ioannides makes sure to prioritize face-to-face visits with his patients. He personally makes sure to visit his patients as often as possible. Electronic barriers and go-betweens act as walls between Dr. Ioannides and what he wants to accomplish. With skin cancer becoming so common among everyday people, Dr. Ioannides knows that he has to do everything in his power in order to provide a solution.

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