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A FreedomPop review may be tantalizing enough to a customer to get them to not only get purchase one service but several. A family who needs wireless services may not all want the same services from FreedomPop because everyone may have different needs. The child can use the free cell phone service because they may only need to be able to call their parents and loved ones. The parents who are always on the go can use the unlimited everything plan, which gives them all the data, talk, and texts that they need for only $19.99.


There may even be a teenager who can use the unlimited plan for $10.99 that comes with unlimited talk and text but has limited data. Even with the limited data on this plan, it’s still a great deal for anyone because it costs very little and can utilize Wi-Fi services as well. FreedomPop has so much to offer, whether it’s for a family who needs wireless services, or if it’s for a single person who needs services for their own reasons. The cell phone services offered from FreedomPop can be accommodated on a Sprint phone that’s transferred to FreedomPop or on any GSM phone with no network lock.


Anyone who currently has their own cell phone that they may have purchased from a different service provider can always use it on the FreedomPop network, but removing the network lock is imperative and must be done via a code or through the unlock application that may be installed in the phone. Once the phone is unlocked, the GSM phone can be brought over to FreedomPop, and a sim card can be purchased for the phone. FreedomPop is very accommodating with their sim card because it comes in several sizes.


Even though one card is shipped out, the sim card can be cut out into the size that is needed for any GSM phone, making it very convenient for anyone who has a smartphone that has a particular sized sim card. The sim cards are also cheap and may be purchased for as little as $0.99. Another great thing to mention about the sim card is the fact that it enables any FreedomPop customer to use their phone in other countries overseas, which means that they’ll no longer have to worry about roaming charges from the FreedomPop company when they use their phone plan.