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What’s FreedomPop?

FreedomPop is a company that was started some years ago and is bringing technology to the masses through Internet service as well as cell phone services. The Internet services that FreedomPop provides are for the home, Wi-Fi services, and portable hotspots. The cell phone service that FreedomPop provides can be free of charge, or the cell phone user can choose to add additional services for an additional fee. Those who want unlimited cell phone service from FreedomPop can get the unlimited plan, which only costs $19.99 monthly and gives text messages, phone calls, and unlimited data.

What Services Are Free?

FreedomPop has free services that include cell phone service and Internet service. The cell phone service is free of charge as long as the user stays within the guidelines set for the free service. Those that get the free service will get 200 minutes of talk time, 500 MB of data, and 500 text messages. Although this service is free, add-ons can be added to the service for an additional charge. There is also free home Internet service, but once the 1gb of free data is used, the user will have to pay additional monies for more data by purchasing a plan. Learn more:

What Wi-Fi Service Does FreedomPop Provide?

FreedomPop has a Wi-Fi service that is unlimited and is available in millions of locations. With millions of different hotspots available around the USA, users can find different places to use their Wi-Fi service from FreedomPop. The service can only be accessed by using a FreedomPop application, which can be downloaded from many different app stores. Once the Wi-Fi application is downloaded, the user can then sign up with their personal information, and the fee of five dollars per month must be paid in order to access the Wi-Fi service.

Is FreedomPop In The USA Only?

Fortunately, FreedomPop can be found in many countries, primarily the USA and the UK. Both the USA and the UK have the same FreedomPop services, which is a free service for cell phones as well as the unlimited cell phone service for $19.99. Those who want to access either one of these services can do so when they are in the USA or the UK, and other countries that have FreedomPop services are subject to the service stipulations of that country. FreedomPop also has Internet service as well that can be accessed in many countries.

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FreedomPop has been expanding its services throughout not only the United States but around the world since its inception just three years ago. With the growing success in the states, it only makes sense for the rapidly expanding company to move into additional regions of the world. The entire purpose of the company is to offer individuals an inexpensive mobile phone service. This does not just include domestic but international as well. As the company expands into regions such as Europe, it makes it easier for users of the service to travel to different continents and countries while saving money at the same time.

In the last month, FreedomPop announced it would be expanding its mobile services into 25 different European nations. All of these nations will be running and offering FreedomPop services by the end of February. However, this is just the beginning. The company is also planning on expanding its mobile services to 40 different countries by the end of the year.

All of this is possible based off of a recent $50 million funding it received in order to boost its $190 million funding. The funding has been used to not only ramp up its services throughout the United States but also primarily the UK and other major European markets.

With the growing platform, the company plans on offering international plans. These plans come with 200 MB worth of data every single month that users do not need to pay for at all. Should a user require additional funding, they are able to purchase it at $10 per 500 MB. Users are also able to purchase a global SIM card for $10 and access a global hotspot, which allows the individuals to access a Wi-Fi connection within the service area for free. It is all designed to help save money.

According to Re/Code, FreedomPop has already raised another $50 million in funding as it continues to expand in the international market. However, the company is not going to sit back and relax any time soon, because they are already working on their next product: low cost international roaming.

It is no secret that data roaming charges for travelers are usually sky high. While you can roam while traveling, it may cost you more than the actual cost of your trip after a few days. AT&T and Verizon are both known for their outrageously high data charges, whereas T-Mobile offers free roaming but slows down the speeds so greatly they are almost worthless.

This is where FreedomPop believes they can pop into the mobile market once again and drastically undercut all of their competition. The company is already known for offering its customers free data and free calls, so it should not be a surprise that they have figured out a way to offer travelers low cost, affordable roaming.

CEO of FreedomPop, Stephen Stokols, stated that the company is able to offer low cost roaming by striking local deals with all of the 25 countries it currently offers service to. By the end of the year FreedomPop expects to be in over 40 countries which will make their new low cost roaming setup even more enticing to those who travel.

The backbone of the setup is simple; users need to purchase a hotspot that can be used in all locations for the upfront cost of $49. They also will need a SIM card to be placed in an unlocked phone for $10. After this initial cost the products can be used in every location and will never need purchased again. Instead, customers can enjoy accessing 200mb of data for free month in any of the service locations with the option to buy another 500mb for $10. Read more about this great deal here.

When people become fed up with the cost, service, or limitations of their cell phone providers, they often consider switching to a new carrier. Many are deterred from doing so because the process can seem overwhelmingly daunting, so much so that even knowing where to start can be difficult. But the process is remarkably easier than many people realize.

Logistical things like the costs associated with breaking contracts and paying off phones, as well as whether or not a phone and phone number will transfer to the new network, are important details consumers must consider before cancelling their old service agreement. With some research the answers to these questions become readily available and you find that carriers have convenient solutions like contract buyouts, fee reimbursements, automated phone number transfers and cloud device storage to save files in the event that switching phones is necessary.

One alternative service provider is FreedomPop. This company is customer oriented and looks to make the necessity of having a smart phone or tablet affordable and accessible to as many people as possible. They offer a bring your own phone program and allow customers to transfer their phone numbers without a hassle. In fact the entire process of switching to this carrier can be carried out online from the convenience of home; that’s how simple it is.

FreedomPop is a no contract carrier which allows for flexibility and the company also offers free mobile service and data options to their customers. They do not require that you buy their phones but do have affordable phones available for those customers that have to switch for reasons of compatibility or others. The company provides service at 80-90 percent lower cost than what major carriers charge. This brand is innovative and with its free service options and many opportunities for customers to earn additional free data that rolls over to each month paid, FreedomPop stands out easily amongst its competition, while making joining their network a simple task.