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Desiree Perez is a prominent player in the music and entertainment industry. As an executive officer at the Roc Nation, Perez has successfully offered excellent management services. Perez hard work is evident, and there are many examples of her success. Perez has arranged a world tour for Beyoncé, and she has also helped Rihanna get a perfect deal from Samsung. Apart from her hard work, Perez is married to Juan Perez who is the head of Roc Nation Sports Agency.

Perez has her own business, and she knows how well to run the business. Therefore, Jay-z; the owner of Tidal business came to work with Desiree Perez. Jay-z knew very well with determination, and right personnel Tidal business will grow in the music industry. Many people started to sign up for the business as they knew very well Perez was working at the firm.

Tidal business has now penetrated the music industry, and it’s growing at a high rate. The reason behind the Tidal growth is the proper managerial and accounting skills brought by Perez. They offer streaming services which is improving and expanding each day. Tidal has signed several contracts which are worth millions and this is a great improvement.

According to, Streaming has led to increases in total revenue generated annually. Digital power players are the forces behind this growth. Tidal Business is among the players who have resulted in this impact. Under Desiree Perez supervision, Sprint got 33% of Tidal. This deal was worth over 200 million dollars, and it made streaming service available to Forty-five million Sprint customers. Tidal has also offered exclusive tickets to Jay-z’s tour which is upcoming.

Perez believes that Tidal Business will dominate the streaming business in near future. She is expecting more deals to come and the music industry will continue to develop. Jay-z is also proud of Desiree Perez work, and he is confident they will get more deals.