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Music streaming is considered to be one of the big businesses in the world. People in business in this industry make millions of dollars. Tidal, one of the companies in the industry has been the underdog for a long time. However, Desiree Perez, the executive of the company is working hard to change that. Perez has made it clear in several platforms that the company will be around for a very long time. More articles on

The management in Tidal has changed several times. Most of the executives in the past used to step down. These actions did not deter the founder of the company, Jay-Z. Most people thought that he was going to freeze, but he has continued to operate his business. Things got worse when the members and leaders in the management positions stepped down several months ago. The famous singer decided to come up with a different plan to ensure that his investment was safe.

With the help of the new executive of the company, Jay-Z is working hard to make sure that Tidal thrives with new memberships and fans. Desiree wants to make sure that the business gets new customers. However, the first thing is to make sure that the new customers are interested in the company.

Desiree Perez and Jay-Z have been working in different angles to make sure that everything runs smoothly in the enterprise. Experts in the industry, however, say that the decision to employ Desiree was the best for the company. Many say that she will help in finalizing multi-million contracts for the institutions. This is because she has a lot of expertise in the industry. Since she joined the company, it has started shining.  For more of Dez recent timeline activities, hit on

Although Jay-Z owns Tidal, he doesn’t understand the business like Perez. The successful businesswoman knows how to successfully finalize deals that are going to be profitable for the firm and the artists involved. This has made many clients sign up for Tidal in the recent past.   Additional article on

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