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One of the newest trends in office environments is shared office space and shared workspace. While some people may feel uncomfortable about sharing their workplace with another individual, others are embracing this fast-growing trend. Shared office spaces and shared workspaces have many benefits. This type of working environment can benefit both employers and employees alike. It has both productivity advantages and economic advantages. In addition, it is making a huge splash in New York City where there are lots of people and commercial real estate is in high demand.

One company that is taking the lead in helping companies take advantage of shared workspace and shared office space is WoNY
c. In a recent article on, shared workspace allows entrepreneurs and freelancers a membership by renting a desk at a location that is convenient to them. They pay a few hundred dollars each month in order to work with other types of individuals who need space to operate their start-up companies but may not have the capital to rent or purchase an entire office suite or building on their own.

There are many benefits to joining a shared workspace community. Members can save money on trips to Starbucks because these communities offer free and unlimited coffee, as well as other beverages and snacks. In addition, they do not have to worry about electric bills, Wi-Fi issues, or maintenance. Everything is included in their monthly fee. The only major disadvantage may be having to deal with other workers whom you might not be able to get along. However, that occurs in most types of work environments. Overall, shared workspace communities are ideal because you can save money, time, and build lasting business networking relationships. Read more about this amazing new office space concept here:

WorkVille NYC offers New Yorkers shared office space. Entrepreneurs and freelancers join WorkVille NYC and rent a desk in their ultra-luxury location, which just happens to be on the 21st floor of an amazing high-rise building located on Broadway. WorkVille has a wonderfully sunny open floor plan with terrace access. This allows workers to not feel like they are tied down to a desk all day because they can go outside and get fresh air and sunshine at their leisure. The community is close to Bryant Park, Times Square, and major transportation lines. In addition, there are many relaxing common areas as well as a café where you can grab a cup of coffee or a bite to eat,