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Kyle Bass’s campaign to completely wipe out a certain drug patents did not succeed just recently. This is because the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office did not oblige to officially review the two patents on Acorda Therapeutics flagship and the multiple sclerosis drug, which is known as Ampyra.

The decision not to accept the review of the validity of the patents arrived at a time when the pharmaceutical industry is raising some concerns about the hedge fund difficulties to drug patents that intended to make profits by driving the prices of stock downward.

This year In February, Bass started filing the reviews to eliminate the drug patents by using his Coalition for Affordable Drugs, through a procedure known as interpartes review. After the first Ampyra patent review filing was done in February 10th, the price of Acorda’s stock is believed to have dropped 10 percent.

Acorda’s lawyer, known as Gerald Flattmann from the Paul Hastings firm announced that he was actually very happy because of the court’s decision to deny the trial of the two patents. He said that the ruling had further validated the actual strength of the patent portfolio, while actually protecting Ampyra. Kyle Bass and his representatives from the Hayman Capital Management which is based in Dallas could not be reached.

According to Mr. Bass some big powerful companies were actually inappropriately enlarging their patent protection in very questionable manners, like changing the dosage or even the packaging, just to keep their drug prices on the higher side.

However, just recently, the patent office failed to agree with Mr. Bass about the Ampyrapa tents not being new.This current stand by the patent office means the patents will actually not be scrutinized any more, which may be could have led to revocation.

Kyler Bass is known to be the founder of the Dallas-based fund, which is known a Hayman Capital Management. The firm was founded in the year 2006. In 2008, Bass made a lot of fortune and actually became famous internationally when he predicted the subprime mortgage crisis correctly. For some period of time, he became a super star, and many observers concluded that he was a genius who could never make any mistakes.

However, time has proved that the observers were actually wrong on giving Bass so much credit. As time has gone by, he has made some bad calls and formed some unsavory alliances which have affected his career negatively. Everyone in the business field actually thinks that Argentinian Cristina Fernández de Kirchner who is economically not properly learned is not doing well for the country’s economy, Bass decided to support her ideas, despite the kind of mistakes she has been doing.


Just recently, the Reno City Council accepted the Clean Power Plan through voting. This is an important start for the country to get away from the dirty coal power and get on its on way to clean, renewable and efficient energy. The council will join other forces in the private sector to support the great move.The actions should be respected and applauded.
The times have changed over the years. A modern growing economy here, providing opportunities for everyone. Great deals of progress have actually been made in getting a clean energy economy. The people who are leading the campaign are putting pressure to the leaders to make the changes. Clean energy is essential for country, and should be attained now, not in the future.
Currently, it is the time that we demand more from the people who are elected. People need more than compliance from the leaders. Every citizen requires actual leadership from the leaders. It is actually very possible to make the region an example that clean energy economy can be achieved.
The topic about clean energy economy is actually political. In this regions case, it is about the reality of the bad quality air we breathe, the rising forest fires and the drought experienced. Now the citizens have a chance to help ushering in the clean energy sourcing, and at the same time, bring in the world’s top leading companies such as Microsoft and tesla. The companies will help in a lot of positive changes in the country’s economy. They will offer jobs, improving the lives f people. The companies actually believe that clean energy is the only way to a bright future.
This was an op-ed that was published through the Reno Gazette-Journal by Andy With. Check more information here.
Andy Wirth is a major contributor to the environmental and community institutions that serve in the Lake Tahoe area. He is mostly focused in providing the area with improved facilities for people of all ages. After a serious skydiving accident, he started a team known as the wounded warrior support. The team has been raising funds for the Navy SEAL Foundation since it was started. Currently, he is the President and the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings.