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George Soros: This One Man’s Prediction

When a financial mogul speaks about the doom to come, it’s often a good idea to walk away. You would do yourself better service by covering your years while mumbling to yourself. That is if you want to save yourself from financial doom. If not that, then you save your positive perspective from being changed at the whim or beck and call of a complete stranger. But that’s not all. It’s likely better to avoid those types of interactions altogether. Learn more about his profile at

There’s only one exception that comes to mind regarding predictions and the people who make them. Sometimes, it’s impossible to avoid, and the voice you hear gets you caught in a real, standing prospect. In these times, the negative sentiment is absolutely necessary. So it’s necessary that we give you a solid example. Before the European Union’s current dysfunction, which no one foresaw, it was only George Soros who did. He took the chance to make a public proclamation and to make one regarding doom. Yet history shows that George Soros is often right.

Though this professional works within the world of finance, his work affects policy as well.

A Quick Look At The Market Predictions Of George Soros

Market predictions are easy to make and can even make you rich if you’re exciting and offer information with a thrilling presentation. Go ahead, and make one right now, and you’ll realize that even the fakes do a good job at “faking it.” The chances of you being right, however, are very slim and why Mr. Soros thrives as he does. That’s why everyone in the world of investing open their ears when George Soros has something to say. This is all for good reason. What made Mr. Soros a great success is his insight.

He’s in a position to see what others often can’t. Yet more importantly, he shows a great history where fear never deters him from telling the truth and sharing with everyone.

A Right or Wrong Track Record. You Decide.

But you might be suspicious as to why George takes it upon himself to share his knowledge and the things he sees looming along “the horizon.” All you have to do to quench this curiosity is to find Mr. Soros’ track record and make a comparison. The evidence is clear. Other gurus, those who tell lies, do so to profit.

But it’s difficult to profit when everyone is not only given the same information but the right information also. Now you decide what George’s true intents are.

The Intent Behind George Soros’ Words

So we now know that George Soros aims to aid people in life. A lot of people are seeking the right information to make the right decisions. Yet, oftentimes, the media only shares information that will entertain or cause a riot. When that’s the case, who else can we turn to?

It’s no wonder a man like Soros is so involved with the world around him. It often seems that no one else is. Read his profile at Business Insider.

Google creates a person’s character. Well, that is not entirely correct. The listings in the search engines, whether they are true or not, create a perception about persons, places, and things. When there are extremely troubling things showing up in the Google search engine results, steps have to be taken to address the problem.

Darius Fisher, the president of Status Labs, knows a lot about correcting problems with search engine result. His reputation management company has helped roughly 1,500 clients in 35+ countries fix internet reputation management woes. In a recent interview, Fisher pointed out a very inconvenient fact. Google results won’t change on their own. Someone has to be very proactive when trying to fix the damage that can occur.

First, clear out all cookies and run name searches. A person should run his/her name, various aliases, and business or company names through Google. This way, any troubles with Google are then immediately revealed. Only when a problem is discovered will steps be taken to address it.

How the problem is to be addressed depends on various factors. Information related to data brokers can be fixed by requesting the brokers no longer make private information public. Bad reviews, however, are harder to deal with. Creating a significant amount of new content and publishing the material online could help mitigate the problem. A series of new good reviews are going to help hedge against the bad ones. Publishing totally new websites and social media profiles would be other examples of creating a new online persona.

Darius Fisher understands how to go about these steps and he has noted they are rooted in concepts of digital marketing. Fisher knows digital marketing. He was named on PR Week’s Innovation 50 list of top digital marketers. Through an effective campaign the search engine results can basically be re-mastered.

Shaygan Kheradpir is an example for any young or aspiring engineer to follow. Mr. Kheradpir was born in London, United Kingdom in 1960 and raised in Iran by his father an ear, nose and throat doctor. He attended Aiglon College in Switzerland for high school before coming to the United States to study engineering at Cornell University. Kheradpir earned a bachelor’s degree then a Masters and doctorate degree from Cornell University in electrical engineering.

After completing his studies at Cornell, Mr. Kheradpir took up a position at GTE Laboratories working with network routing, management and control systems. He rose to the position of Chief Information Officer for GTE Corporation where he gained a reputation for bringing new products to market on time.

GTE merged with Bell Atlantic in the year 2000 forming Verizon Communications. Mr. Kheradpir stayed on with Verizon first serving as Verizon’s e-business group president before being chosen to become Verizon’s very first Chief Information Officer. In this role he led Verizon to automate much of its operations and expand the range of to telecommunication services that company offered.

By 2001, he began forming small groups tasked with developing new ideas for products using a one-month prototype implementation cycle allowing the company to test and make necessary product modifications very early in the new product pipeline. His organization of approximately 7000 people worked long hours to achieve their goals for the development of new products. His team was a major contributor to the development of Verizon’s fiber-optic video initiative (FIOS) and the associated DVR. Mr. Kheradpir’s team created a system allowing customers to manage caller ID, address books and other features over different devices called iobi in 2003. One year later the Verizon One a portable device that was a combination of a phone and modem was developed by his team.

In addition to new product development Mr. Kheradpir’s also integrated the systems of Verizon’s predecessor companies Bell Atlantic, NYNEX and GTE. In the process many core systems including: the company website, automating customer service systems and call centers had to be re-engineered.

Mr. Kheradpir also managed to reduce Verizon’s information technology budget to just 4 percent of revenue. He reduced staffing in the information technology department by 20 percent and fiercely negotiating with vendors to reduce purchasing prices. Programming jobs were outsourced to countries with lower labor costs such as India and the utilization of new software allowed Verizon to optimize hardware utilization on their network.

By January 2011, Mr. Kheradpir left Verizon to join Barclay’s Retail and Business Bank as Chief Operating Officer where he contributed in the development of their mobile payments system known as Pingit. From there he became Barclay’s Chief Operations and Technical Officer.

Friday January to November 2014 Mr. Kheradpir served as the Chief Executive Officer of Juniper Networks. There he enacted an Integrated Operating Plan designed to reduce expenses, buy back stock and increase shareholder dividends.

As you can see Mr. Kheradpir has had a long and storied career in technology and has blazed a path for engineers now and in the future to move from the laboratory to the executive offices.