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Online reputation news has been circulating the internet for the past few years, still leaving many scratching their heads each time they do not receive a job or have been fired from home. Those who do not understand that social media and an online presence plays a role in employment may be shocked to determine the reason they are not qualified or the “right” candidate for the position.

Check Past Posts and Enhance Privacy Options

Check past posts you have made using social media to ensure your content is not offensive or illegal. Many individuals who apply for work do not realize the extent some recruiters may go through in order to hire the right fit for the job.

Approve All Posts Before They are Publicly Displayed Online

Another option with Facebook itself is to approve all posts that are shared on your timeline or that have even tagged you before they appear on your Facebook “wall”. Check the Facebook settings options to determine the level of security you want to enforce before you begin job-seeking. An Online Reputation Reviews and management firm can easily help to determine which posts are most likely to disqualify you from any position or field you are most interested in pursuing.

Remove “Mentions” and “Replies” to You on Various Networks

Hiding “mentions” and “replies” to yourself on various networks such as Twitter is also possible by reading, reviewing, and making the edits that are necessary to you in order to make the most out of the current social media accounts that are traced to your name, even if they are not a professional account you wish to promote to recruiters or potential employers.

Highlight Skills Using Social Media

One of the major benefits of putting social media to use once you have removed any derogatory comments or inflammatory messages is the ability to showcase your talents and skills while highlighting your portfolio or showcasing art and other work you have completed. Work with an online reputation management company prior to moving forward with application placement and seeking out new positions you desire in any field you are most qualified in.