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James Dondero has an interesting story behind his success. He received degrees in both accounting and finance from the University of Virginia. After graduation, he chose JP Morgan to launch his career. His JP Morgan tenure helped him develop his investment expertise. After a four-year tour with JP Morgan, James Dondero went to work for American Express where he managed fixed income funds and learned a great deal about alternative investment strategies.

Jim Dondero made a big name for himself at American Express. So much so in fact that American Express promoted him to the position of CIO. In 1993 Jim Dondero decided it was time to go into business for himself. He started Highland Capital Management. The company’s headquarters is in Dallas. Of course, Dallas is the type of city that easily attracts large companies and those that like to make and spend money. The Dallas-Fort Worth area is a sprawling metropolis with over $7 million people.

Highland Capital Management is one of America’s biggest investment firms when it comes to assets that are under management. The successful company of Jim Dondero operates offices in Singapore, Sao Paulo, Singapore, and New York. His company’s investment specialists are some of the best in the business. They have the skills and experience to stay out in front of emerging trends. The company’s portfolio is greater than $17 billion in assets.

James Dondero is also a philanthropist who works with Dallas non-profits. As such, there are a number of non-profits that do not have to worry about the source of their next donation. He supports the University of Texas, Southern Methodist University, the Family Place, the Dallas Symphony, and other notable non-profit organizations.

Highland Capital has a reputation for leading the way as a social leader in the city of Dallas. However, James Dondero does not take all the credit of what his firm accomplishes for himself. He sees the mission of his firm as being an integral part of its community. See This Article to learn more.

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A donation of $500,000 to SENS Research Foundation to work on rejuvenation technologies with the aim of coming up with an anti-aging drug came from philanthropist Jason Hope, who has been a major contributor for several years. The funds went to the construction of the Cambridge SENS Laboratory and the remainder to the research activities. Jason Hope and SENS have initiated AGE-Breaker, new development program aimed at coming up with the drug that will stop or reverse the aging process in human beings and correct or combat the negative effects of aging.

It must be able to break down advanced Glycation End Products, or AGEs, a metabolic waste that builds up in the body and leads to degenerative processes such as arthritis, osteoporosis, cancer, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and others. Arteriosclerosis, a hardening of the arteries, is also caused by age and is responsible for high blood pressure and diabetes. SENS Research Foundation, a non-profit organization, depends on private donations from philanthropists, researchers, scientists, and other passionate supporters to meet their goals. The non profit organization focuses on finding cures for the types of degenerative diseases that destroy the body and cause people to age faster than is necessary. Their mission is to eventually preserve mobility and improve the overall health of millions of people.

Every year SENS also holds a Rejuvenation Biotechnology Conference where experts in different fields in the tech industry share ideas on how they can create such an anti-aging drug as well as ones for various other serious diseases. Jason Hope is an entrepreneur, an investor, gives advice and insights regarding biotechnology and science, and is a mentor for students and other entrepreneurs due to his financial expertise in business-related topics. Jason Hope is also busy researching what is likely to be happening in the tech industry and in disease breakthroughs in the present and upcoming days and wants to encourage as many donations as possible toward the lofty ideals that he believes in to such a high degree.

If you’ve lived or worked in Grand Rapids, MI for any measure of time than you are likely intimately familiar with the DeVos family name. Dick and Betsy DeVos are two of the most prominent citizens in the state of Michigan and they have made it their personal mission to help reform Grand Rapids and the rest of the state into a booming destination for people all throughout the country. Dick DeVos is heir to the Amway fortune and a former nominee for governor on the Republican ticket. While his wife Betsy DeVos is currently stealing headlines as the newest Secretary of Education for the United States government, Dick DeVos continues to build on the foundation he has laid in the state of Michigan.


If you went back in time to 1991, you would see a Grand Rapids that is very different than what we have today. Gone is the skyline, the bustling downtime, and the booming business blocks. In its place is a more dawdling town, unsure of its own future. It was in ’91 that plans began to float around the city that a new spots convention center would be installed. Great news, right? Not exactly. Dick DeVos had seen what a forgotten convention center could do to a city and he was quick to reference the Pontiac Silverdome and Palace of Auburn Hills in Detroit as an example, both convention centers abandoned by professional sports teams. Instead of bringing jobs and cash to the economy, they became public fixtures of wasted taxpayer money. DeVos says of the convention centers, “That lesson was not lost on us.”


Instead of getting behind the convention center installation, DeVos went the other way. He would go on to establish an organizational group built out of local business professionals. This group would become known as Grand Action, a committee of business leaders who wanted to reform Grand Rapids in a real and tangible way that also left room for growth in the future. This committee would go on to be the driving force behind the installation of the Van Andel Arena, the DeVos Performance Hall, and the medical school at Michigan State University among many other projects. The work of the Grand Action committee would prove to be vital for the longterm growth of Grand Rapids and they would become the main instigators as to why the city is the way that it is today.


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Tony Petrello’s life story is the perfect rugs to riches story; the ultimate American dream. Born and raised in Newark, New Jersey to an average family, only his brilliance in Maths would set him apart from all the other kids in his state. Tony Petrello didn’t get good in Maths overnight but instead plowed through many books while burning the midnight oil. By 18, his prowess in the subject had gotten him the attention of the entire state. It eventually also caught the attention of Yale University where he pursued his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Maths. It is during his time here that he got to work with the world-acclaimed mathematician, author, and professor, Serge Lang, who died in 20005. It is also here that he met his then girlfriend and now wife Cynthia Caraffa with whom they’ve built a family with.

Entry into Business

In a surprise move, Petrello went to Harvard Law School after leaving Yale, yet many had assumed he would pursue a career in Maths. He specialized in business law focusing on taxation and arbitration. Upon completing his law studies, he eventually joined the law firm Baker and McKenzie where his analytical prowess impressed one of the clients, Nabors Industries, the largest company on earth drilling for oil and natural gas on land. Over the years, his brilliance at the firm ere continued to dazzle, and he slowly rose through the ranks, eventually becoming the CEO. Petrello is currently the chairman of the board too.

Despite attributing his success to luck and fortune, all who know him say his work ethic is at the core of it. Since his childhood days, Petrello has worked hard on anything he has put his mind to. Tony Petrello’s leadership and work ethic have seen Nabors Industries create thousands of jobs in addition to growing the firm despite cut-throat competition in the industry. Petrello has also used his brilliant analysis and strategic thinking as director of companies such as, Stewart & Stevenson, and Hilcorp Energy Company.


Not only is Petrello good in running businesses, but he also has a good heart and is very generous with his wealth. Petrello has contributed to several philanthropic ventures with the most notable being the Texas Children’s Hospital where a pediatric neurological care complex was constructed. This complex has come to the aid of many families that had lost hope for getting treatment for their children. Together with his wife, Petrello contributes to many charities each year.

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Jason Hope is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, investor, and futurist based in Scottsdale, Arizona. He is a strong believer in technology with passion for and clear understanding of everything based on technology. Jason uses his skills and knowledge to make predictions about the future of technology. Based on the current trends, Jason believes the power of internet is a key component in the future of the modern society. He has made a name for himself as an entrepreneur, writer, and an influential figure in the technology world. His influence is based much on his frequent articles about Internet of Things (IoT).

The internet of Things refers to the technology that allows devices to connect and synchronize with each other. These devices include the daily appliances such as cars, electronic devices and other day-to-day appliances. Generally, Hope uses his insights about technology to help businesses and individuals seeking ways to capitalize on technology. In addition, Hope is thoughtful about his community and has several charity organizations aimed at giving back to the society. Among his famous funding groups is, Jason Hope SENS Foundation.

Jason Hope Philanthropy

Philanthropy is more than the act of giving money or food. It entails more on pursuing goals that are of personal importance. Jason Hope Philanthropy is based majorly on intensive research on his charities and ways to advocate for them. He uses his research and knowledge in technology to help individuals design and implement philanthropic strategies that allows them to focus on what is important to them.

Jason Hope Bio

Jason Hope was born in the year 1970 in Liverpool, England. His parents later shifted to Tempe, Arizona where he grew up. As an Arizona native, Jason gained interest in technology and business thereby enrolling at Arizona State University for a professional career. He received a degree in finance and an MBA from ASU’s W.P at the Carey school of Business. Click here to watch video.

Jason Hope Entrepreneur

The ASU alumnus natured his career through his commitment as a philanthropist but also as a businessman. By combining technology, research, and his other talents Jason was able to accumulate massive wealth. His fame saw his services gain demand with tech companies and individual business owners being among his many clients.

George Soros: This One Man’s Prediction

When a financial mogul speaks about the doom to come, it’s often a good idea to walk away. You would do yourself better service by covering your years while mumbling to yourself. That is if you want to save yourself from financial doom. If not that, then you save your positive perspective from being changed at the whim or beck and call of a complete stranger. But that’s not all. It’s likely better to avoid those types of interactions altogether. Learn more about his profile at

There’s only one exception that comes to mind regarding predictions and the people who make them. Sometimes, it’s impossible to avoid, and the voice you hear gets you caught in a real, standing prospect. In these times, the negative sentiment is absolutely necessary. So it’s necessary that we give you a solid example. Before the European Union’s current dysfunction, which no one foresaw, it was only George Soros who did. He took the chance to make a public proclamation and to make one regarding doom. Yet history shows that George Soros is often right.

Though this professional works within the world of finance, his work affects policy as well.

A Quick Look At The Market Predictions Of George Soros

Market predictions are easy to make and can even make you rich if you’re exciting and offer information with a thrilling presentation. Go ahead, and make one right now, and you’ll realize that even the fakes do a good job at “faking it.” The chances of you being right, however, are very slim and why Mr. Soros thrives as he does. That’s why everyone in the world of investing open their ears when George Soros has something to say. This is all for good reason. What made Mr. Soros a great success is his insight.

He’s in a position to see what others often can’t. Yet more importantly, he shows a great history where fear never deters him from telling the truth and sharing with everyone.

A Right or Wrong Track Record. You Decide.

But you might be suspicious as to why George takes it upon himself to share his knowledge and the things he sees looming along “the horizon.” All you have to do to quench this curiosity is to find Mr. Soros’ track record and make a comparison. The evidence is clear. Other gurus, those who tell lies, do so to profit.

But it’s difficult to profit when everyone is not only given the same information but the right information also. Now you decide what George’s true intents are.

The Intent Behind George Soros’ Words

So we now know that George Soros aims to aid people in life. A lot of people are seeking the right information to make the right decisions. Yet, oftentimes, the media only shares information that will entertain or cause a riot. When that’s the case, who else can we turn to?

It’s no wonder a man like Soros is so involved with the world around him. It often seems that no one else is. Read his profile at Business Insider.

The Jerusalem Post recently released the prestigious list of 50 most influential Jewish personalities in America. Adam Milstein is one of names privileged to be on the list and this comes as a no surprise given the philanthropist he is at heart.

According to Isreali American, Adam Milstein scooped the 39th spot thanks to his leadership qualities and dream to see a strengthened Israel both abroad and back in his home country. To Mr. Milstein, it’s quite an honor to be in the same list with brilliant minds like U.S. Senator Charles Schumer, Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu and fellow philanthropists, Lynn Schusterman, Haim Saban, Ron Lauder and Sheldon Adelson. Also on the list are prominent Jewish leaders, Malcom Hoenlein and Natan Sharansky.

To be mentioned on the Jewish Post top 50 means one is a top influencer among the Hebrew community, and Adam Milstein is just that. In America, he co-founded and chairs the Israeli-American Council, an organization with a strong goal to improve the livelihoods and welfare of Jewish people living in the U.S. Adam Milstein is an activist as well and is always looking out for the interest of his people through other partner organizations like Israel on Campus Coalition, Birthright Israel, StandWithUs, AIPAC National Council and Stand by Me.

Together with his spouse, Gila Milstein, he founded the Milstein Family Foundation through which he manages his philanthropic courses. In every endeavor Mr. Milstein gets himself in with one clear goal: to strengthen the Jewish community and their homeland Israel.

The Jerusalem Post appreciates his achievements through the past one year and didn’t fail to mention that Mr. Milstein as one of the prominent individuals who will pioneer change, for the Jewish community, in the coming future.

About Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein is a philanthropist and activist who founded The Adam Milstein Foundation and the Israeli-American Council. He studied commerce at the Marshal School of Business, an affiliate of University of Southern California.

Through his foundation, Adam seeks to not only strengthen the Jewish community but also to solidify the ties between the U.S. and his motherland Israel. The Adam & Gila Milstein Foundation also funds fellow philanthropic organizations to magnify their non-profit endeavor to improve the welfare of the Jewish community.