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Stream Energy is continually receiving awards and recognition for its efforts. The company has been racking up credit and recognition for its sales, personable business relations and marketing efforts. The Energy Marketing Conference issued the company a “Most Innovative Marketer of the Year” award at its Houston conference in 2016. Stream continues to improve its marketing strategies each new year. It uses many strategies for its sales success including multilevel marketing, which can be a highly productive method if the team exercises its efforts correctly. Apparently, Stream did well. The company has been nominated for several other awards, including the top retail energy provider of the year. It seems to be an excellent company that is continuously improving its services and expanding its locations. Read more at about Stream Energy.

Greg Martin, The Energy Services General Manager, talked about how wonderful it was to receive such recognition from the company. He stated that the conference is an event that brings together the top providers in the industry and truly recognizes their excellence. He also mentioned that Stream is constantly striving to find new customers and to develop strategies to satisfy those customers.

Jack Doueck, the Conference’s co-founder, was delighted to issue Stream Energy with the award. He felt that they deserved it for the way that they always seemed to find new and innovative processes for getting customers on the register.

Marketing is a rigorous process. It’s a process that has to be conducted with finesse and in a balanced fashion. It has to be fine-tuned a little bit every day. Stream Energy has the perfect mixture of innovation, strategy and personality to produce a massive number of conversions. That’s why Energy Marketing Conference was delighted to offer this award to Stream without any second thoughts. Follow Stream Energy on

Information About Stream Energy

Stream Energy has offices in eight states that provide electric services, cell phone products, landline products, healthcare services and more. The company opened its first business in 2005, and now has branches in several states such as New Jersey and Pennsylvania. It employs more than 250 people and continues to hire dedicated representatives every day.