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Darius Fisher said employee turnover was very expensive to back up the information posted on ERE Media, which claimed that an entry-level worker would amount to 30-50% of a yearly salary. Replacing a mid-level worker would cost 150% while the cost would shoot to 400% for a highly specialized or senior ranking employee. However, he maintained that eliminating turnover was a daunting task.

How Fisher has Boosted Job Satisfaction

Awarding Goal Accomplishment

Fisher advises business owners to assess the needs or things that would make their employees happy or feel motivated to produce better results. In the article, he proclaimed that he gave his employees some incentives such as Apple watches for achieving quarterly targets.

Salary Increment

Regularly increasing the remuneration of employees can help to maintain employees in a company. He claimed that this would help to keep employees around as they expect their next salary increment

Recognize Achievements Constant basis

He claims that appreciating the hard work of workers goes a long way in boosting their performance. It increases the morale of employees to complete complex tasks. Personally, he claimed that he sends an email to each individual working in Status Labs in a bid to acknowledge the effort of a particular team member.

Keeping Employees Updated

Darius asserts that keeping employees informed on various developments of the company is important. In his company, he introduced a newsletter for each month that informs employees about certain issues. This makes employees feel as part of the company.
Several Alternative Efforts to Increase Employee Job Satisfaction

Fisher went on to suggest various alternatives to boost job satisfaction such as recognizing the birthdays of employees, having free lunch Fridays, building a creative work space ,and scheduling fun activities.

Details Relating to Darius Fisher

Darius Fisher is the Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Status Labs, which is a leading digital marketing, online reputations management and public relations company. He is behind the globalization of Status Labs in various countries such as the Gulf Region, Latin America, and Europe.

He graduated from Vanderbilt University with an economics degree. In Vanderbilt University, he was the President of its Investment Club, a member of Alternative Spring Break, and a social chairperson of the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity.

A study done by the World Economic forum established that up to a quarter of any firm’s market value is credited to the character it has. However, studies conducted by Forbes and Deloitte point to the fact that most companies are not ready to repair character destruction that is beyond their means. In today’s digital world, most people have access to the internet. A brand’s online reputation greatly stimulates customer perceptions towards it.

As more people board the digital wagon, it is imperative that companies have a good online image because this is a crucial marketing tool. The ever growing impact search engines and websites have on customer inclinations cannot be downplayed. This underlines the need for companies to have a decent online image in order to drive business.

Online Reputation Management

This plays a decisive role in preserving good public perception and outlook towards business organizations. It is done by giving glowing reviews about products offered by the business. According to, this methodology acts as the basis for buying resolutions for up to 70% of prospective buyers and also influences 84% of buyers. Another survey done by indicates that over the past 5 years firms with good online reputation had 100% investor earnings, which is much higher than their competitors. A public relations platform provides real time comprehension, market scrutiny and the magnification of any positive comments. This is crucial in marketing the business.

Important notes on Status Labs

The company is headquartered in Austin, Texas. It offers media relations, search engine optimization, social media marketing, and public affairs among other services. It helps companies and famous members of the society clean any reputation damage. It also helps promote a brand’s online presence by engaging clients in interactions that boosts the image of the company and ultimately increase sale volumes. It also provides communication approaches and media relations, a platform that enables businesses stay in touch with clients.

Status Labs has experienced tremendous growth in the little time it has been in operation and recently reported that it had growth revenue of 939 percent over the past three years. It has also brought on board experienced minds to act as advisors to its board.