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A lot has been talked about creating better neighborhoods in cities across the east coast from New York down to Miami, but how exactly this is done is still under heavy debate. Kevin Seawright, a Certified Public Accountant and city development professional is beginning to see this take shape at his new company, RPS Solutions Inc. RPS Solutions uses a variety of different government and private-sector programs to cut down housing costs while also getting more families approved for financing. Seawright said he aims to bring more diversity to Baltimore’s suburban communities as well as hoping to provide better housing in some of the more troubled Baltimore neighborhoods. RPS Solutions even helped a young man that Seawright had formerly mentored, Jerrel Brown of the housing authority purchase his first home.

Kevin Seawright started his professional career in Baltimore and moved to Washington D.C. and Newark prior to returning. He was an administrative financial assistant for the city housing department at the outset of his career, and then became the Chief Financial and Facilities Officer at the Department of Parks and Recreation. Seawright reorganized the budget for the city’s public schools and improved transportation routees when he became the Deputy Chief Operating Officer there for several years. He also advised the mayor’s office to implement CitiStat in the city finance department, a software system that used data analysis to see which public services needed to be improved and to better understand where citizen needs were the greatest. Read more about Kevin Seawright at

Kevin Seawright is a friend of public official Otis Rolley, and he served as a campaign director when Rolley decided to run for mayor in 2011. He left the public sector a year later and joined Tito Contractors as their financial administrator, a privately-owned construction company in Washington D.C. that has taken on construction projects for both public institutions and private housing. He joined the Newark Community Economic Development Corporation and led several housing initiatives and fundraising events for them as Vice President and Chief Financial Officer. He returned to Baltimore to start RPS Solutions in 2016. Seawright has had a passion for helping young people learn from good role models and become productive members of society. He’s coached them in sports and helped them learn things at museums such as the Babe Ruth Museum where he’s served as an advisory member.