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In today’s world, racism can manifest through a wide range of venues. This is the case for several reasons, including the rapid increase of access to technology mediums such as mobile devices, the internet, and social media. As a result of these unfolding developments, it is perhaps unsurprising that social channels like Facebook and Twitter have become prevalent mediums through which racism rears its ugly head. As a group of individuals committed to raising awareness regarding the role that racism plays in dehumanizing people of color, the members of Woke Twitter are enthusiastic about acknowledging and dissecting manifestations of anti-black sentiment that surface through social media channels. Recently, group members became aware of a racist rant submitted by Penny Sparrow. Group members condemned the statement and, along with other progressives, are calling for conscious citizens to wake up to the ongoing reality of white supremacist thought and its resulting praxis. Read on to learn more about how this issue unfolded:

The Substance And Import Of Sparrow’s Statement

People looking for evidence of contemporary racism can stop their search with the Facebook account of former real estate agent Penny Sparrow. After observing black South Africans on a beach near her residence, Sparrow chose to publish a statement in which she equated the people to animals. Monkeys and apes, to be specific. This statement engendered intense outrage and ongoing debates regarding the ugly historicity of apartheid and whether its underlying racist premises would be tolerated amongst 21st century progressives. After Sparrow’s statement came to light, she was let go from her job and received angry text messages and e-mails from individuals who gained access to her contact information.

Brenda Wardle Summarizes The Issue

Like many progressives and equal rights activists, Brenda Wardle viewed Sparrow’s racist assertions in a decidedly negative light. Wardle also contextualized the woman’s comment in light of the law by noting that she violated free speech limitations by denying the dignity and humanity of black South Africans.

Basic Data About Brenda Wardle

As a passionate advocate and defender of human rights, Brenda Wardle is enthusiastic about drawing attention to the role that the legal realm can play in detracting from and/or contributing to the quality of life for people all over the world. Wardle is currently completing her coursework at Unisa – The University of South Africa.