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Anthony Constantinou studied at Queen Mary, University of London. Anthony Constantinou is currently a lecturer, an assistant professor, and the Head of Bayesian Artificial Intelligence at the same university where he studied. He has much interest in research with most of his research based on Bayesian Artificial Intelligence. In his research, he mainly focuses on intelligent decision-making and causal discoveries.

In addition, he also co-works with industrial organizations and academic institutions across the globe. Anthony Constantinou mostly applies his research in a wide range of areas which include economics, sports, finance, medicine, and gaming. He has 58 publications that are classified as either Academic Technical Reports, Journals, Conference reports, Thesis, or Industrial Technical reports. His publication “Bayesian Artificial Intelligence for Decision Making under Uncertainty” won him an honor for the Principal Investigator on EPSRC Fellowship project.

Due to Constantinou’s hard work and diligence, he has attained various awards since 2009. In 2009, he won two awards. The University of Hertfordshire, UK, awarded him a distinction in Master of Science studies, while the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC) gave him a full three and half years Ph.D. Scholarship that covered tuition fees as well as an annual stipend. He got two more awards in 2012 whereby The Open University of Cyprus granted him €1,000 to work on his research and was also given a scholarship by ImpactQM in the same year. Refer to This Article to learn more.

In 2013, his Ph.D. Thesis was nominated for the Council of Professors and Heads of Computing/British Computer Society (CPHC/BCS) Distinguished Dissertations in the 2013/2014 competitions. He was later selected to present a research exhibition to members of the two houses in 2016. In 2017, he emerged as the co-investigator on Health Data Science and Population Genomics. Lastly, Anthony Constantinou has achieved three awards in 2018 including being ranked as the second best in the international special issue competition, being a Principal Investigator on EPSRC, and was also appointed as Turing Fellow by the Alan Turing Institute.


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