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Dr. Sameer Jejurikar is a plastic surgeon in Dallas, TX who specializes in the Brazilian Butt Lift and other Butt Augmentation surgeries. The name Brazilian Butt Lift comes from the fact that Brazilian women are known for their curvy buttocks.

Dr. Jejurikar knows how to perform the best type of desired plastic surgery for both men and women. The way how this works during surgery is that all the fat that is removed from your waist is then injected into the buttocks to increase the size of it.

Prior to surgery, Dr. Jejurikar does a consolation on you to see if you are good enough for the surgery. He is regarded as one of the best and most talented plastic surgeons in all of Dallas. Dr. Jejurikar not only is an expert at doing plastic surgeries on the buttocks, but he also has experience in performing surgeries on the face, eyes, nose, and breasts.

He also travels to Bangladesh annually to help impoverished children with the organization Smile Bangladesh. One of his abilities is his caring and flexibility when it comes to dealing with patients. He has a 4.9 review on google reviews so he comes across as a reliable doctor.

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