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People that are going to come to Brazil for tourism attractions will find they have a plethora of things to do. Most people never consider shopping to be a tourist attraction. Many tourists will appreciate the fact that they going to appreciate this because it is a different type of environment. Few people will be able to go to a mall location where they have access to clothing stores and a bowling alley all under the same roof. Lots of malls have game rooms, but few malls have a bar where friends can hang out. A lot of malls may also have food courts, but not all malls are going to have a conference room or amusement park for children. This is definitely something that is different from what people have seen before. People like to experience new things, and that may be one of the reasons that this has the possibility to become a great tourist attraction. People have the opportunity to check out this mall and see exactly what is different about it when they come to Brazil. Roberto Santiago is a strong entrepreneur that has been able to make this possible for many people that are looking for a truly different shopping experience. He has become very excited about all of the possibilities that exist for real estate in Brazil. He has mastered the art of luring people to commercial real estate, and more people are singing his praises now that he is venturing out beyond the mall that he originally developed and taking interest in more Brazilian commercial real estate.


There are lots of people that are praising Roberto Santiago because he really knows how to bring it in a lot of revenue into a Brazil. This is one of the most popular malls because it has the biggest number of attractions. People are really taken back by the huge food court and all of the food choices that are available. There are a ton of malls that have large food courts, but Roberto Santiago knew that he wanted to put a unique spin on the food court by bringing forth what he calls a gourmet space for food that is a higher echelon above what most food courts have.


There are people that also will embrace the movie theater as well as the amusement park because it can cater to both children and adults. This is definitely something that can be great for entire families to experience. Entrepreneur Roberto Santiago is doing great things in Brazil, but he has no plans of stopping in this place. He has a desire to go even further and do even more with commercial real estate in Brazilian culture.