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Many companies are developing apps to help their clients streamline and manage their mail inbox effectively. One of these apps is Unroll Me, which controls your inbox overload and also offers email un-subscription service. Rakuten Intelligence owns Unroll Me. The company operates as an e-commerce measurement business and offers insights into the competitive landscape, corporate performance, and industrial trends. 

After downloading Unroll Me, the app will reveal a list of your subscription emails from where you can unsubscribe from irrelevant services. Unroll Me app allows users to use “The Rollup” to combine favorite and influential email subscriptions for easy access. Unroll Me works with Google Apps, Gmail, Yahoo, and other email accounts. The Unroll Me app takes a few minutes to scan and show subscriptions in an inbox holding a large volume of messages.

After completing the initial inbox scan, Unroll Me accurately shows an overview of your current subscriptions by placing them into your Rollup, from where you can unsubscribe from unnecessary subscriptions. You can quickly sort all bulk messages as they transfer into a folder that is automatically added by Unroll Me app.

Unroll Me also allows you to decide what time of the day is convenient for you to receive your daily Rollup, which can range from morning, afternoon, or night. Whenever you need to make an earlier inbox check before your Rollup arrives, you can use your Unroll Me folder or login to the Unroll Me app’s website. You can monitor two email accounts using Unroll Me app at a time, but you will have to sign in into those accounts separately to complete your tasks. 

Unroll Me allows you to access and edit your subscription messages in your Rollup from where you can decide to apply the edit mode to either unsubscribe from particular subscriptions or choose to send relevant messages back to your inbox.

Unroll Me has similarities to Sanebox, an app that displays messages that you need to see currently after scanning and cleaning up your inbox. However, Sanebox app comes with a fee, unlike Unroll Me, which is free. From its slick design and aesthetics, which are appealing, Unroll Me has great promise in terms of more accessibility to messages and also saving time when tracing specific mails.

In the tech sector, one must remain current and relevant by constantly introducing new products on a regular basis. A hot company today just may become extinct in a matter of year by not keeping up with demand. Betterworks, a Redwood City, California based software maker, knows this all too well.

They have only been around for a few years but as a young company, they are proving their ability to remain relevant and to remain one of the top software makers by creating new products on a regular basis. They have introduced their latest product: team edition. This digital product is a remake and more modern version of some of their earlier software editions. 

Betterworks specializes in creating technology that enables human resource professionals, managers, supervisors, team leaders and senior leaders to oversee and gauge the activities and progress of workers. They have taken the industry by storm.

They can be titled as a continuous talent performance management solutions company because their software continuously promotes talent performance amongst workers. The new team edition has features that include alignment, conversation, teambuilding and progress measuring tools. 

The team edition is a great tool for any enterprise to continue talent performance efforts and progress. If an enterprise is struggling with getting tasks done, meeting deadlines and lack of communication than the team edition would be a good tool to introduce. Betterworks has many online reviews that fully detail that this product is worth the investment and how well this product works. 

Checkout the Betterworks App

Conventionally, supply chain performance was assessed based on on-time performance. This basically meant that time schedules of carriers were rendered accurate or effective if the arrival and departure schedules were in line with the operating policies. This disregarded optimization of the allocated time, customer satisfaction determinants, contractual rates, minimum quantity commitment among other shipping information.


Nonetheless, Edisoft provides some of the smart choices in data management software that monitor movement of raw materials, work in process, warehousing up to the consumption of the finished product (YouTube). The seamless real time tracking has been made possible by the GPS software evolution, internet of things and the technological art. Efficiency of the carrier performance now focuses on the reduction of cost and maximization of utility.


KPI practice commonly adopted in supply chain management assesses performance based on the shipment standards, partners involved, logistics, finances, and compliance with the law. Chiefly, the quality data management program gets rid of divergent practices. This ensures an end to end supply chain process that is accurate, reliable and profitable. At the end manufacturers, business enterprises and trading partners all benefit from the control flow of inventory.


About Edisoft

Edisoft is a recognized computer software company providing smooth supply chain management. It gives the suppliers a competitive advantage stemmed down from efficiency and economical. To the customers, there is value maximization.


They have integrated into their system multi-use of the same software. Shipping and warehouse management have been automated along with carrier monitoring and vendor compliance ( Edisoft has successfully managed to remove supply chain operational barriers and challenges such as overdependence on on-time performance and inefficiency as the system focuses on quality and optimization.


Edisoft is a privately held company, established in 1995. Its main offices are in Toronto, ON but have other operational offices in the U.S.A, Florida, and Miami. They offer services which include; supply chain management, order management, and fulfillment, data integration, E-commerce, and warehousing. They also ensure compliance with the GS1, EDI, WMS and TMS and checks on compatibility with ERP, Agnostic and cloud applications. Edisoft has partnered with Sage, Acumatica, Microsoft, Adagio, and Batchmaster among other computer service providers.