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Conventionally, supply chain performance was assessed based on on-time performance. This basically meant that time schedules of carriers were rendered accurate or effective if the arrival and departure schedules were in line with the operating policies. This disregarded optimization of the allocated time, customer satisfaction determinants, contractual rates, minimum quantity commitment among other shipping information.


Nonetheless, Edisoft provides some of the smart choices in data management software that monitor movement of raw materials, work in process, warehousing up to the consumption of the finished product (YouTube). The seamless real time tracking has been made possible by the GPS software evolution, internet of things and the technological art. Efficiency of the carrier performance now focuses on the reduction of cost and maximization of utility.


KPI practice commonly adopted in supply chain management assesses performance based on the shipment standards, partners involved, logistics, finances, and compliance with the law. Chiefly, the quality data management program gets rid of divergent practices. This ensures an end to end supply chain process that is accurate, reliable and profitable. At the end manufacturers, business enterprises and trading partners all benefit from the control flow of inventory.


About Edisoft

Edisoft is a recognized computer software company providing smooth supply chain management. It gives the suppliers a competitive advantage stemmed down from efficiency and economical. To the customers, there is value maximization.


They have integrated into their system multi-use of the same software. Shipping and warehouse management have been automated along with carrier monitoring and vendor compliance ( Edisoft has successfully managed to remove supply chain operational barriers and challenges such as overdependence on on-time performance and inefficiency as the system focuses on quality and optimization.


Edisoft is a privately held company, established in 1995. Its main offices are in Toronto, ON but have other operational offices in the U.S.A, Florida, and Miami. They offer services which include; supply chain management, order management, and fulfillment, data integration, E-commerce, and warehousing. They also ensure compliance with the GS1, EDI, WMS and TMS and checks on compatibility with ERP, Agnostic and cloud applications. Edisoft has partnered with Sage, Acumatica, Microsoft, Adagio, and Batchmaster among other computer service providers.