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Nitin Khanna is a successful investor and entrepreneur. He has founded two companies both of which have been successes thanks to his business skills. Nitin Khanna currently works as the CEO of Mergertech, a company that he started back in 2009. Born in the year 1971, Khanna grew up in India. Nitin spent his childhood studying in boarding schools around India. Nitin’s father was an army guy and was therefore not around a lot, but Nitin got to share his time with his extended family. During the holidays, Khanna would accompany his uncles on business trips and his love affair with business started then. Nitin Khanna then came to the USA to attend university and graduated with a master’s degree. After completing his degree, Khanna decided that he wanted to immerse himself in the world of business.

Nitin Khanna’s first business venture was a company that he co-founded with his brother. Saber, the company, produce up-to-date election software that became a crucial part of the election system in different states all over America. Nitin Khanna specializes in growth, sales, and people when conducting business and this was his work at Saber. He oversaw the employment of people who were right for the company and also developed strategies that helped the company grow. Although Khanna has learnt the operational aspect of business over the years, his expertise still lies in sales and growth. Nitin Khanna is a considerable part of uplifting companies and entrepreneurs in Portland that are struggling to stay afloat in business. Over the years, Nitin Khanna has assisted companies from different categories in the industry to expand. Nitin Khanna revealed that all businesses depend on execution to thrive and this is what he focuses on after taking up a new company.

When working on a new project, Nitin Khanna develops the passion and drive to get work done. This helps him to go over any hurdles that come his way without getting discouraged. Nitin Khanna works with a group of talented people that enable him to complete various projects. Nitin Khanna ensures that everybody on the team understands the vision and mission of his businesses before hiring them.

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Since 2013, Coriant has been operating as an independent company. It operates on a technology initially from Siemens Optical Networks. The launch of the new name was announced in March 2013 when it became independent from Nokia Siemens Network which was by then under the ownership of Marin Equity Partners. The company is well known for offering solutions in software and hardware for optical transmission purposes that include data as well as mobile networks.

The company believes that the recent developments in matters technology and transport that offer better flexibility, configurability and scalability should be used to the maximum. When used with different intelligent multi layer packets, the technology advances enable network operators to have better tools for efficient and cost-effective services. The services are offered at a time when converged multi-service architectures are highly optimized for the hyper-growth era

Coriant has different top-notch and very modern solutions that it has been offering to clients in the communication and technology niches. For instance, it has submarine network solutions that are optimized for the hybrid terrestrial and submarine network applications. The solution is specifically built on the most recent platform that has the highest density and also the best when matters performance are concerned. It also has a network migration solution that takes care of all network migrating requirements.

Shaygan Kheradpir is the current Chief Executive Officer at Coriant. He has a wealth of knowledge in leading technology companies to the top. He is well known as a perfectionist and someone who is very keen on details. Born in London, he grew up in Iran but came to the United States for university education. With not less than 23 years experience when it comes to managing technology companies, he also holds a Ph.D in electrical engineering from Cornell University.

Throughout his career, he has managed to have multiple patents in different areas like payments, media and telecommunication. He made his career debut at GTE Corporation and went ahead to join other companies like Barclays and Juniper Networks. While at Barclays, he made history as the first technology officer to sit on the company’s executive board. He was also very instrumental in creating the TRANSFORM program that was a historical transformation in the bank’s transformation to offering services that are guided by 21st century technology. He is a well known team player who does not fret when it comes to making hard decisions that are aimed at driving the company forward.

Ken Griffin is an American hedge fund manager who was born in Florida in 1968. He is the founder and CEO of Citadel, which is a global investment firm. Citadel is currently a leading investor in major financial markets around the world.

Citadel works to uncover and gain new financial opportunities. With their knowledge and experience in investments, Citadel uses their capital funds to make high risk investments, which then produce high rewards.

Griffin has built Citadel is built to be a very successful company. He has hired the most experienced and focused minds in the financial industry, and he uses their innovative ideas and strategies. Citadel is now one of the world’s biggest alternative investment management firms. Griffin has been recognized by Forbes as one of 2012’s highest earning hedge fund managers, in addition to one of the Forbes 400.

Griffin began his investing in 1986, during his first year at Harvard University according to He was inspired by a Forbes magazine article. During his sophomore year at Harvard, he began a hedge fund. The fund was capitalized with $265,000, and he installed a satellite link to his dorm room in order to get real-time market data. His investment strategy helped preserve his own capital during the crash of the stock market in the late 1980s. Griffin was able to begin a second fund. He ended up managing just over $1 million between the two funds.

In 1990, Griffin founded Citadel with $4.6 million. After eight years of business Citadel had grown to a business employing over 100 people and having $1 billion in capital funds. In 2015, the Great Places to Work Institute named Citadel one of the Top 10 Great Workplaces in Financial Services. This was based on a survey that Citadel employees took. Griffin is known for running a collaborative work culture and giving benefits and perks to employees. Some of these include free lunch, museum tours, fitness opportunities and gifts.

Griffin is also well known as being a philanthropist. He has donated about $500 million to support different causes, with several millions of dollars donated to institutions in Chicago.

One particular foundation in Chicago that Griffin is passionate about is Woodlawn High School. He opened this charter school in Chicago with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Griffin also co-founded the Kenneth and Anne Griffin Foundation. This foundation gives high contributions to children’s foundations including Chicago Heights Early Childhood Center, Children’s Memorial Hospital, and the University of Chicago’s Early Childhood Center, which is an experimental educational center. They test to see if investing in teachers or parents produce better results in the grades of children at school.

Griffin has also been very generous to his alma mater, giving $150 million in 2014. He gave this to Harvard mostly for need-based financial aid for their undergraduate students. When Griffin gave this, it was the largest single gift to ever be received in the history of Harvard.