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Yesterday’s news announced that Fabletics will expand its workout line started by Kate Hudson that was supposed to be subscription only. They have stores now, and they are coming out with their own swimwear. They have shared their swimwear with Elite Daily, and they are going to save every woman who needs to get that one suit they need for the summer. Teenagers can find a swimsuit in half a second, but Kate Hudson knows that active moms and women do not have time to buy a suit off the rack at the store around the corner.

The swimwear from Fabletics was designed to help women look their best without forcing them to fit into something that is not right for them. The whole Fabletics line was made for women who have tight schedules, and now there is a new way for women to get ready for the summer. That dreaded shopping trip for a swimsuit can be cut to just one trip when women check out Fabletics. Fabletics has a one piece or bikini for every woman, and there are many women who need to try these suits because they have not been in a swimsuit in years.

A source from Facebook reveals that Fabletics is also a great brand to use when women need to look good at the gym. They are wearing these swimsuits to the gym so they can swim laps, but they do not want to look like they are in a suit from the 90s. The best thing for women to do is to buy just one suit from Fabletics because it helps them go from the gym to the beach easily –

A woman who finds her favorite swimsuit with Fabletics is going to love the fact that she can wear that suit to the beach and to the gym if she wants to. These same women are going to love the fact that these suits are easy to take care of. They are made to be used every day, and they can be tossed around by a woman who does no have extra time in her day to waste. Fabletics makes every woman look good in a swimsuit no matter how tight her schedule is.