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Justin Brown is the President of the Brown Modeling Agency and Michael Bonnee, heads the theatrical division; together they’ve launched a more progressive talent company in Austin. Prior to their partnership, the men ran two separate agencies. Bonnee owned Heyman Talent South, which Brown acquired to create an expansion platform for acquiring models and actors. Once the deal was finalized in 2015, the Brown Modeling Agency hosted a luxurious launch party and fashion show. The event was everything one can expect from an upper echelon soiree in Texas. It was a night of celebration, complete with champagne, delicate appetizers and filled with elite talent and beautiful models.

The Brown Modeling Agency is a full service talent servicing company. They represent all types of talent in the areas of print, film, fashion and theatrical production and runaway modeling. Open calls are held every Thursday in Austin, from 3-4pm. One of the most important phases of developing new talent is nurturing them, starting from a very early age. The children represented by Brown Modeling Agency have an excellent opportunity to learn from Brown and Bonnee, while being around other talented professionals. But don’t expect a lot of fanfare on their social media pages, the Brown Modeling Agency runs a strictly professional feed. Sharing work related assignments of models or talent that they’ve successfully placed.

In the Austin area, The Brown Modeling Agency is now the largest talent division. Before the merger, they were a lot of aspiring models and actors who got lost in the shuffle. It was simply too hard to be recognizable when there’s such a broad demographic. Now, with the open calls, the process of finding new talent is easier for Brown and Bonnee. Their website streamlines the audition process, because it keeps active list of new project bookings. It all comes back to Justin Brown and his haphazard way of entering the industry. Brown was looking for a way to offset college expenses, so he took whatever modeling gigs he could find. The problem was that there were seldom any regular jobs. Among the things he discovered was that modeling is a fast growing market, provided that you have the right agency representation.

So instead of constantly relying on luck, he began his own talent development agency, while he was still in college. With the support Brown received from clients, it made sense for him to open own division and his company, Wilhelmina Brown. Of course, it also made practical business sense, because Heyman South was his only major competitor. So why not eliminate the competition, by forming a larger division to encompass all phases of developing talent for fashion, commercial and film and television and print? Check out their Instagram page.