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Brown Modeling Agency, Wilhelmina Brown, has joined in on talent in Austin, Texas. They want to stay in the Central areas of Texas such as Austin, where they are finding young and talented people that have potential to make it in the industry. According to Roman Young, who is a talent scout for Wilhelmina Brown says that from what he is seeing there is the rockabilly look, a sports flair, and a music scene that is just making for awesome new talent and something different. To celebrate this, they put on a show in Austin to show some of their top designers, such as Linda Asaf.


Brown Agency was started by Justin Brown who worked his way through college by modeling and working at a modeling agency until after several other different agency jobs he was later able to open his own agency. The agency is temporarily located over a Zen Japanese fast food restaurant, but him and his seven employees assist over 450 potential new models achieve their goals. They plan to have locations in Austin, Dallas, and a presence in Las Angeles as they continue to merge with Heyman Talent-South. Brown says they can place about twenty to thirty percent of the talent they find, which is surprisingly high for this industry.


According to Marketwired, Brown has worked from Las Angeles to New York, down to Austin, learning everything he could about the trade and is now able to assist locally and on a larger scale for the talent he finds. He also says that depending on the local area of the type of fashion that will be desired to see such as Austin is more into the alternative scene, where as Dallas is a lot more conservative. However, they can provide exposer to top brands such as Louis Vuitton, Dell, Toyota, L’Oréal, and thousands of other well-known companies.





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