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Guilherme Paulus is the co-founder of CVC Brazil. Paulus has been a key player in ensuring that his company is internationally recognized and that it is the most popular and largest tour operator in Latin America.

Paulus was previously an employee of IBM when he was younger and has since demonstrated a superb reputation in the world of international business. With his help, CVC has earned recognition as the largest tour operator in Latin America. He is the co-founder of CVC Brazil. His attitude towards serving members of the community complements his ambition and drive.

Currently, the annual revenues of CVC are almost $5.2 billion. The company opens at least 100 stores annually and the location of the stores is in some of the most prestigious malls in Brazil. Most of these prime locations have high populations that play a key role in the growth of the business. The new strategy however sees some of the businesses open in less populated areas that show a great potential for growth.

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Social accountability is one of the core values that Guilherme Paulus values. Social accountability plays a major role in his career as a prestigious entrepreneur. This has led to his company participating in several noble causes. One of the main focuses of the organization is to provide quality education opportunities to youth who are disadvantaged in society and are planning to venture into the tourism industry. His business gives back to society and even sponsors children who are interested in working with the tourism industry. CVC has been a partner of the Dr Klaide Care and Education Institute for over a decade. The institution helps impoverished adolescents through educational classes, donating funds for their medical care and offering the youth psychological counseling classes.

The partners of CVC in the tourism business are located all over the world. Some of their partners include big hotels and airline companies. The business has provided many locals with access to jobs. Several governments located abroad have recognized the efforts of Guilherme Paulus. The French government recognized him as a key player in the development of tourism in France. The government of Brazil also recognized the role of Guilherme Paulus in the tourism industry.