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Gold, platinum and silver are the three precious metals U.S. Money Reserve specializes in. The mint maker chooses these three precious metals carefully. They craft fine products from them. The direction fo the company comes from the leadership of Angela Koch. She is the chief executive officer of the Austin, Texas based mint manufacturer.

Her reign as the chief executive officer has caused the company to become outstanding, speak to a new audience and innovate their sales system. U.S. Money Reserve is one of the greatest makers of mints in America. She must instruct this company as it continues to be the premier maker of mints and products from gold, platinum and silver.

Serving over half a million customers since she stepped into this coveted role, Angela Koch knows it takes a lot to meet the needs of so many customers. She has someway found the right way to approach customers and offer them phenomenal customer service. Read more: US Money Reserve | BBB and US Money Reserve Reviews | Glassdoor

Yes, the success and revenue is in sales. But this CEO eyes creating a genuine connection with customers with involving herself in the sales process. She involves herself with connecting with her sales staff and honing their character. Her sales staff must have a genuine character that cares to listen and understand what customers are seeking.

Angela Koch has turned this organization around and rebranded U.S. Money Reserve as a company that cares for its customers. Doing so, has caused the mint maker to reach more people and drive more sales. Driving sales and creating a customer-centric company is something the CEO is very proud to accomplish.

Angela Koch knew that when she took this job should be watched and had to do a good job. Being the first female to fill this role at U.S. Money Reserve, required her to prove that she was ready to lead and transform the entire industry with her plans for U.S. Money Reserve.

What has propelled Angela Koch to success is her past. As different and unconventional as life has been for this CEO, her past has been so influential in helping her become the businesswoman today. She also has a lot of ambition that pushes her.

She is always thinking. She is always working on what comes next for this company. The company has prospered under her ambition and thoughtful plans for their future. Being CEO can get hard. But she would never give up this rewarding job she has as the first female CEO of U.S. Money Reserve.

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