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     Matt Badiali has over twenty years of studying natural resources, such that he is today viewed as an authority in the agricultural, mining, and energy industries. Badiali research has seen him visit numerous parts of the world working on drill rigs or discovering mines that are no longer operational in his endeavor to make money from ventures in natural resources. Some of the countries he has paid a visit include Yukon, Singapore, and the Mexican desert, Papua New Guinea, Hong Kong, Iraq, Haiti, Turkey, and Switzerland.

When dealing with investments in Natural resources, unlike most other businesses, you have to see what is going on in order to get a feel of how your business is doing and gain control. Badiali’s unique approach and attitude towards his investment forecasts and inquiry has taken him to various oil wells and mines where he has had the chances to interview Chief Executive Officers on their hottest reserve predictions and examine geological data of all types, further enlarging his scope on his dear subject on natural resources. This type of approach has seen him interrogate prominent precious metals specialists and resource investors and has helped him to remain updated on the cutting-edge technologies, trends, and discoveries.

Matt Badiali has had the privilege to speak with the chairman of Pan American Silver, Ross Beaty, Rick Rule, Chief Executive Officer of Sprott U.S. Holding who he calls a mentor and a personal acquaintance with pride. Badiali has also encountered and used the same stage with T. Boone Pickens who is considered a renowned oilman.

Matt Badiali extensive knowledge in geology has seen him lecture in prestigious institutions such as the University of North Carolina and Duke University. Due to the confidence that most institutions and companies have in his research and findings, he has on numerous occasions shared them at key geological gatherings. Companies such as Exxon Mobil and Anadarko have also benefited from his vast pool of knowledge. Occasionally you will see him discussing his research on financial programs.

In his own words, Matt Badiali reckons that while it has been a pleasure to encounter all those prospects during his career, pursuing profitable and exceptional ventures for his readers has been the most fulfilling, due to immense learning opportunities, from which he wrote a book. Matt Badiali has successfully been able to use his data on natural resources in the practical investment world, due to his exceptional understanding as a financial specialist and a geologist.


     When it comes to those who know a great deal about low-risk investments, Ted Bauman is at the top of the list. Since the early 2000s, Bauman has been writing many articles and other works in the world of finance. He has quickly become known as one of the top authorities in long-term investment strategies. He is currently working as the editor of Alpha Stock Report, The Bauman Letter, and Plan B Club. He continues to contribute valuable information that will help investors all over the world make the most out of their investment dollars.

Working in housing development as well, Bauman has traveled to over 75 different countries. His world travels have given him a unique look at the way the world economy works. This has given him the ability to give an unbiased look at the way investments are better crafted over a long period of time to create a portfolio you can retire on. Bauman is now also contributing to daily free newsletters that help the general population become more informed on the types of investments that will better serve them in the long run.

When you are looking for global solutions for your money, Bauman is the name to look toward. He has solutions that could range all the way from buying an oceanside property on an island in South America to investing in startups in the United Kingdom. Bauman has discovered what works best in different countries. Understanding these global trends will help you to better plan your global portfolio. Bauman has many works you can look toward in order to create the financial decisions that will work best for your unique individual needs.

If you are looking to stay up to date on the latest stock trends and investing tips, checking out Beauman’s Tumblr account is a great idea. His regular posts on this site are insightful and informative. You will be able to keep your portfolio fresh and reflecting current market conditions. The information that Bauman regularly posts to his Tumblr profile will give you insight into current market trends that may affect your investments.

     Matt Badiali is an expert in the mining, energy and agricultural industries and has worked on and owned oil wells as well as explored abandoned mines. He has studied natural resources for more than 20 years and in doing so has visited locations worldwide including Hong Kong, Papua New Guinea, Singapore, the Yukon, and even the Mexican desert. He feels that most investors miss out and lose money because they aren’t as hands-on with their investments as they should be. In this vein, he personally meets with the CEO’s of mining companies, precious metals experts, and resource investors so he stays informed about the most recent trends, findings, and technologies in the industry.

Matt Badiali earned his Bachelor’s of Science in Earth Sciences while studying at Penn State University and his Masters degree from Florida Atlantic University in Geology. This enabled him to teach geology at the University of North Carolina and at Duke University. It also taught him plenty about the industry he has invested heavily in, and he has revealed a lot of what he has discovered in his field to different companies including Anadarko and Exxon Mobil and also while attending large geologic conferences. He has also made presentations with the well-known oilman T. Boone Pickens and has shared his ideas with Ross Beaty, the chairman of Pan American Silver.

As a contributor to Banyan Hill Publishing, Matt Badiali has enlightened and educated many people about different profitable investment opportunities. He has said, himself, that this endeavor is the one he enjoys the most. It has allowed him to combine his love for natural resources with investing, and he has been doing so for the last 11 years by researching and writing about great investment opportunities. One of his greatest contributions in this area has been to share what he knows about natural resources with the investment world, and this has helped many people to pick solid investments. He attributes his ability to picking out some of these natural resource investments because of his training as a geologist. He knows that while many investors have a difficult time navigating the industry he invests heavily in, he has no problem because of his extensive work and research there before he even began investing.

On top of all of this, Matt Badiali brings a work ethic and the kind of focus that most people only wish to have. This has enabled him to put in the hours needed to learn and understand the details of the natural resources industry and, in the end, this is a big part of what has set him apart from the rest of his colleagues.

     In 2013, Ted Bauman joined the Banyan Hill Publishing team. While on the team, he became the editor of Alpha Stock Alert, Plan B Club, and The Bauman Letter. Within those publications, Bauman covers privacy, low-risk strategies, international migration issues, and asset protection.

Bauman has made it his livelihood to put people in contact with tools and resources needed to have financial success and freedom. The main focus in Bauman’s teachings and ethics is to protect citizens from corporate greed and governmental oversight. Bauman’s path into the financial field started in South Africa. There, Bauman was able to earn a degree in Economics and History from the University of Cape Town. After graduating, Bauman was able to sustain a successful 25-year career in South Africa. During that time, Bauman was able to fill numerous executive roles in the sector of non-profit work. One of his most notable roles was serving as a fund manager for housing projects in low cost and low-income communities. While some of his work may have seemed minute during the time, Bauman helped cement an international organization that would help people for years to come. The organization, Slum Dwellers Internationals, went on to help more than fourteen million citizens in over thirty different countries.

Fast forward to the 2000s, Ted left his nonprofit work and went on to work as a financial consultant. He focused on writing and researching finance, urban planning issues and housing for numerous clients. Of these clients include the European grant-making agency, South African government, United Nations and World Bank. In 2008, Bauman returned to the United States and brought with him all that he learned in all of his travels. That experience helped him to serve as the Director for International Housing Programs for Habitat for Humanity International. After 5 years Bauman left habitat for Humanity and spent his time researching and writing full-time.

Thanks to his career and international housing projects, Bauman I was able to travel all over the world. Bauman has been able to visit more than 75 countries. These countries spanned across the Caribbean, Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia. His travels have taught him that it’s never safe or smart to keep all of your wealth in one place. Instead, the financially successful refuse to put all of their eggs in one basket. They spread their wealth across different continents making it more profitable and even safer to do business and live in these countries. Bauman might suggest that an individual bank with a trusted bank in Switzerland or might see it as more cost-effective to find affordable health care in Costa Rica. There are countless options of economic opportunities and personal financial solutions; all of which Bauman finds his expertise in.

     Shiraz Boghani is most well known as being part of the group that founded Sussex Health Care and as being a Splendid Hospitality Group Chairman. Boghani is native to Kenya but immigrated to the United Kingdom in 1969 when he was a young man. His first job was at Chartered Accountants, a relatively small firm where he was able to train and gain experience as an accountant. Later on he moved on to a company known at the time as Thomson McLintock & Co, but is now called KPMG. Boghani continued to work his way up the corporate ladder, learning everything he could before moving on. This tactic has caused him to become an innovative businessman and had led to success in the majority of his business ventures.

One of his most prosperous ventures have been within the hospitality industry, where Shiraz Boghani has gained three decades of experience. In the United Kingdom alone he has nineteen hotels and was one of the first hotel owners to offer the option of limited service hotels. His attention to detail, dynamic entrepreneurial decisions and passion for the industry have earned Boghani several awards. The most recent award was in 2016 when he was designated the “Hotelier of the Year” at the Asian Business Awards.

Aside from his hotels Shiraz Boghani also manages a large portion of Sussex Health Care. The company was began in 1985 with one care home and has since grown to have eighteen care homes each housing over five-hundred beds. Sussex Health Care is independently run by a management team and professionals in the fields of medicine and hospitality, aspects that Boghani made sure of. In 2002 the Health Quality Service accredited Sussex Health Care. Only a year later the company earned the standard of the Investors In People. This made Sussex Health Care one of the few care homes to have dual accreditations.

Shiraz Boghani and the other founders of Sussex Health Care continue to make sure that the people that come to use their care homes have every comfort available to them. They understand that healing from an injury is not just physical or mental, but a combination of the two. At Sussex Health Care there are several of single activities or program list for patients to engage in depending on what they and their medical advisor thinks will help them the most. This activities are used as a form of physical exercise as well as a way to keep those recovering interested and stimulated. Sussex Health Care has seen much success in its patient by using this method.

     Shiraz Boghani is the most recognized leadership personality at the Splendid Hospitality Group; serving as the company’s Chairman. Recently, Mr. Boghani was honored with a prestigious award being titled the hotelier of the year. Shiraz Boghani received the impeccable prize for the appreciation of his stunning works in the hospitality sector. Shiraz has been operational in the industry for more than three decades. Since his entry into the hospitality segment, Shiraz Boghani has participated in a variety of activities that enhance productivity including the expansion of the venture. At the moment, Mr. Boghani possesses and controls nineteen trading and corporate five-star hotels throughout the United Kingdom. The 2016-award presented to Shiraz Boghani illustrated his passion for the hotel sector as well as honoring his qualifications as a chartered and licensed accountant. His quality work ranges from the introduction of limited service model restaurants in London to the augmentation of classic hotels in the country.

Other prestigious hotels developed by Shiraz Boghani include The Grand Hotel $ Spa and the Holiday Inn among others. Not only is Shiraz Boghani interested in establishing his reputation but also in impacting the society. As a supporter of different organizations, Shiraz Boghani activities are directed towards improving living standards. He demonstrates his charitable courses through various groups that he has registered with like the Aga Khan Development Network. Additionally, Shiraz provides the relevance of Splendid Hospitality Group as well as the diligent company’s staff in the attainment of his achievements. Most importantly, Mr. Boghani ties his success to the support of his entire family.

After relocating to the UK in 1969 from Kenya, Shiraz Boghani speculated his market niche and found a business opportunity. He then became the founding partner of Sussex Healthcare. Under the instruction of Shiraz, Sussex Health Care has grown and currently hosts 24 care homes consisting of over 500 beds. Additionally, Sussex Health Care has provided an employment platform for its natives. Now, the company is comprised of more than 1,100 staff. Besides playing his management roles at Sussex Health Care, Shiraz Boghani is responsible for the development and movement of charitable organization through the offering of volunteer services as well as resources. To supplement his community services activities, Shiraz Boghani has held many senior posts within the Ismaili Community. Some of the most relevant positions include being a board member of the National Conciliation and Arbitration and the National Council.

Depression accounts for the majority the mental illnesses cases in the U.S and affects up to 16 million adults annually. Even though depression is common among adult women, it can occur in individuals at any age. One-third of the people struggling with depression do not seek help in part due to the stigma associated with mental illness. No single factor causes depression, but the probabilities of developing it are higher if you are under stress due to events such as unemployment, abuse, and divorce or have a family history of the illness.

The common forms of depressive disorders are seasonal affective disorder, persistent depressive disorder, and postpartum depression. Low self-esteem and prolonged sadness each day for two or more weeks are the characteristics of the major depressive disorder. Persistent depressive disorder lasts for each day for two years or longer. Postpartum depression develops after childbirth while seasonal affective disorder happens based on the seasons. Sign and symptoms are unique from one individual to another, but some general ones exist. Weight gain or loss, too little or too much sleep, lack of interest, fatigue, irritability, and difficulty concentrating are the common symptoms. However, some symptoms may never appear and leading to high functioning depression.

You will also experience stomach problems, shortness of breath, headaches and general tension. Hopelessness and numbness associated with depression make people opt for death as the only option out. Other than death, depression is also a leading cause of unproductivity at the workplace, third after stress and family crisis. Funding for depression is currently insufficient despite the massive impact it has on lives.

For the treatment to be effective, you should begin early. Some advanced cases of depression require extra treatment options. Treatment of depression entails a combination of therapy and medication. Neurocore Brain Performance Center offers a neurofeedback therapy that is non-invasive and drug-free.

The Neurocore Brain Performance Centers commit to assisting adults and children manage stress, sleep better and improve concentration through data-enabled and brain-based training programs and assessments. The organization leverages technology to identify and treat symptoms. Depending on your brain map and evaluations, the centers offer customized programs that will train your brain. By focusing on the brain, the Neurocore Brain Performance Centers ensures that you realize a lasting solution.

Please follow Neurocore on Facebook for further information.

Alexandre Gama is a top rated advertising consultant and CEO of Neogama, one of the leading advertising agencies in Brazil. Alexandre Gama is passionate about providing cost-effective and reliable advertising services, and he can help you to establish a strong presence for your business.

Advertising is essential for reaching prospects and marketing your product or service. Without advertising, you will find it hard to get the attention of your potential customers. It helps in conveying a favorable image of your company or organization.

An effective advertising campaign will help present your business or product in a positive light, and generate interest. It is imperative to hire an experienced and reliable ad agency to handle your advertising project.

There are many companies out there offering advertising and marketing services to enterprises, professionals and organizations. Before you choose someone to handle this important aspect of your business, make sure you check their track record. Look for a professional or agency that has a top notch resources and a team of advertising specialists.

Alexandre Gama is well known for providing outstanding marketing and advertising solutions and he can guide you in this regard. Many companies and marketers in Brazil rely on him and his ad agency for expert assistance.

Alexandre Gama handles all phases of advertising and promotional campaigns, from intensive market research and establishing company or product branding strategies to creating advertising materials or messages and choosing appropriate outlets for the campaign. Contact Alexandre Gama to learn more about his services.

Bruno Fagali, Bruno Fagali, Bruno Fagali – Who is This Guy? The Name “Bruno Fagali” Sounds Familiar, Does It Not?

Bruno Fagali is no ordinary man when it comes to ethics and law: In fact, he is the perfect expert and much more. No one fits the mold better than he does, and that’s an understatement: Bruno Fagali has majored in, mastered and further taught numerous aspects of legal documents and so much more. He has, in fact, been all across Europe in his pursuits and even hit Asia once or twice along the way; this man’s expertise and core skills are much sought and needed in today’s dying world of legal compliance and ethics altogether. Yet all is not lost, for Bruno is here.


Fagali – More to Note on the Man of the Hour

Fagali has been honored for his pursuits and achievements many a time, and this last one was no different; he was publicly praised in a modern Brazilian business center last month, and execs said that he has much more to do in this fascinating field, further applauding his continued efforts while pushing him on to do even more. It is not easy, after all, to find a tireless and honest online lawyer all in the same realm, but here you will find one easily – by searching for Bruno online.

Bruno Fagali is a man who will fight to advocate for the rights of all his clients, be they guilty or not: He believes in the fundamental core of human rights above all other rights; as such, he believes that every person deserves a fighting chance, if not so much more, and that no one is perfect. May Bruno Fagali continue to advocate for the causes that matter.

     According to David McDonald, running a food business is no joke as it includes a lot of regulations. This includes things like customers’ taste buds, managing workers as well as dealing with cultural nuances and government regulations. David McDonald says that OSI Group benefits because it has managed to establish a global network and has offices in all parts of the globe. This enables the company to enjoy the economies of scale and at the same time maintain a network of local management and employees. He believes that the success of a food company is dependent on the management it keeps and how good the company interacts with local people.

David McDonald works from the headquarters of the OSI Group located in Aurora, Illinois. David McDonald says that the company specializes in value-added protein items that include the likes of beef patties and sausage links. He also says that the company specializes in other products such as pizza and sandwiches. Currently, he says that the company operates over 60 facilities that are located worldwide. He says that the OSI Group has managed to expand globally by employing mergers and acquisitions as well as using the local solution strategy. According to the president of the OSI Group, the company has been in operation in China for over two decades. Currently, he says that the company has eight facilities in the country but has two more facilities that are underway. Once these facilities are complete, he says that the OSI Group will rise to become one of the largest suppliers of meat products in China.

To become the company that the OSI Group is, it has managed to employ a tactic of listening to their clients and determining what they want. He says that this engagement is very important and it’s the reason they remain relevant to them. Over the years, OSI group has acquired other companies worldwide such as Baho Foods located in Netherlands and Germany. The OSI Group also has a presence in South America and Middle-East.