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The best-selling alcoholic drink in Canada is the Canadian beer which hits $ 9 billion of sales every year. Some of Canadas best beer crafts include;



Party Animal. It is brewed by beyond the Pale brewery in Ottawa. It’s ABV percentage is 9%, is slightly hoppy and has a sweet and fruity flavor. The beer can be found in various Ontario stores and pubs in Ottawa.



The Propeller IPA. It is brewed by the Propeller Brewing Company. It has been a Gold winner in the World Beer Championship thrice for its smooth, strong caramel flavor (Manta). Its bitterness has also been toned down. The beer can be found in Pop Shops within Dartmouth and Halifax as well as in most Canadas beer stores. Other Canadian beers include the Pump House Blueberry Ale, Mad Tom IPA, La Fin Du Monde among others.



Canada was shining in the US Open Beer Championship held in July 2017. Innovative Canadian brewmasters are slowly uplifting the country in the craft beer industry. One of these pioneers is Eli Gershkovitch who is the founder and CEO of the Steamworks crafts breweries. He started beer brewing in 1995 in the Gastown when beer crafting was not in peoples mind.



Eli Gershkovitch had made visits to Europe where he realized the shift to craft beer which formed the base of his current position in the industry. Being an attorney helped him traverse legal complexities in Canada on the opening of his Gastown brewery which was the first to make use of steam power in Canada.



Steamworks Brew Pub became successful thereby enabling Eli Gershkovitch to incorporate local businesses in offering Steamworks beverages. After gradual expansions, his flagship Brew Pub became a fully-fledged brewery in 2013.



Currently, Eli Gershkovichs Steamworks is boasting of a variety of concoctions among them Steamworks Pale Ale, Lions Gate Lager and the new Flagship IPA. Brews from Steamworks are now sold in 14 states in the U.S and all over Canada. The Brews have also made Steamworks receive awards and honors. This success is attributed to Eli Gershkovitch who takes a great time perfecting the brews before releasing them to the public.



The ability of Eli Gershkovitch to succeed in the beer industry is attributed to his risk taking ability as well as his love for doing things differently ( He studied law and is now a CEO.